Joseph face lots of hatred and jealousy

🌖 His Trials 🌖
Joseph was the son of Jacob, renamed Israel. He had 10 elder brothers and his younger brother was Benjamin. From his young age Joseph had to face alot of hatred and jealousy.

🌑 Dark Days 🌑
His ten brothers hated him because his father loved Joseph very much and made him a very beautiful coat of many colours studded with bright stones. Their hatred increased when he told them of his two dreams which showed that one day first his brothers and later on his family will bow down to him.

🌑 In the Pit 🌑
Once Joseph went to see his 10 brothers who had gone far with their father’s sheep. When they saw him in the distance they planned to kill him and throw him into a deep pit. Their eldest brother Reuben did not want his brother to be killed. So they stripped him of his coat and threw him in the pit. Joseph was ALONE in the pit but not LONELY because GOD WAS WITH HIM.

💰 Sold to Merchants 💰
Later on the brothers pulled him out and sold him to merchants who were on their way to Egypt for 20 pieces of silver. Joseph was in the hand of complete strangers and was going to a land unknown to him. He was again ALONE but not LONELY because GOD WAS WITH HIM.

💰 Sold as a Slave 💰
In Egypt he was so on the slave market as a slave and Potiphar an army general bought him. Joseph did his work perfectly. His master was pleased with him and gave him the charge of his whole house. In this new land he was far from his beloved father and family. He was ALONE but not LONELY because GOD WAS WITH HIM. Potiphar’s wife falsely accused him and his master in rage threw him into the prison.

🌑 In the Prison 🌑
In the prison also he behaved so well and was made to care of the prisoners. He was sad of the false accusations and away from his homeland he was ALONE as a stranger but not LONELY because GOD WAS WITH HIM.

In the prison he interpreted the dreams of the cup bearer and baker who were from King Pharoah’s palace. By God’s help Joseph was able to interpret the dreams correctly and it took place as he had told them. The cup bearer was taken back but the Baker was hanged. Joseph asked the cup bearer to remember him and tell the king about him. But the cup bearer totally forgot about him.

📋 A Lesson to Learn 📋
As believers we may have to face a lot of difficult situations and false accusations. We should always remember that THE LORD IS WITH US, holding our hand and walking with us in all situations and remember that all things work together for our good. We should never give into anxiety or depression.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝