The Elegant Woman

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👵 The Elegant Woman 👵

Today we are going to learn about an Elegant Woman who was calm and composed in strange circumstances. This woman is none other but the wife of Noah. Her name is not mentioned in the Bible. The Bible has not recorded any of her words. Yet she was in the scene working quietly. Noah’s wife is mentioned four times in the Bible (Gen 7:7, 13; 8:16, 18). Her life can be summarized in three phases.

🔹 Before the Ark 🔹

Being the wife of a blameless, righteous man who walked with God is not always easy. God told Noah to build an ark as He was going to send a mighty outpouring of rain. It had never rained on the earth before. Noah’s wife didn’t know what it was all about. Yet she trusted God and was a good life partner supporting Noah when he built the ark. They would have been the laughing stock of that generation appearing absolutely weird in their activities. Yet she never grumbled. She was a supportive wife and wonderful mother who cooperated in accomplishing God’s command.

🛳️ In the Ark 🛳️

Noah’s family were in the ark for one year. It would have been strenous and stressful with the workload and living in an enclosed space with the smell and noise of animals. Yet Mrs Noah rose to the occasion. She girded herself with strength and wisely coordinated work among the women. She was a perfect mother-in-law who balanced family responsibilities.

🔹 Out of the Ark 🔹

After a year when the entire family stepped out of the ark it was a strange experience. Life after the rains, out of the ark took a sharp turn. They were the only people living. So once again she adjusted to the new way of living and retained her families peace and joy.

Dear women, there are different phases in our life. At times we have to walk by faith. Sometimes we have to be in a lockdown situation. And there are also phases of joy and freedom. Each stage has its own advantages and disadvantages. Adjusting ourselves brings happiness and peace in the family. We can either make ourself miserable by grumbling or rise up to the occasion and be a fragnant aroma to our family and to those around us.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍