The ordinary son of an extraordinary father

Day 6
Genesis 26:21,22:- “Then they dug another well, but they quarreled over that one also; so he named it Sitnah. He moved on from there and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the LORD has given us room and we will flourish in the land.” Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD.”

Isaac has been called “the ordinary son of an extraordinary father” (Abraham) and the ordinary father of an extraordinary son” (Jacob).

Genesis 26 is the only chapter in Genesis which concentrates exclusively on Isaac.

In the first half of Genesis 26 we read that, during a time of famine, Isaac went down to live in the southern coastal area of Canaan, an area which was occupied by the Philistines.

The Philistines didn’t want Isaac living in their area because Isaac became very prosperous and powerful.

Philistines became jealous of him and they filled up all of Isaac’s wells with dirt – the wells that had been dug by the servants of his father, Abraham.

The conflict increased to the point that the leader of the Philistines ordered Isaac to leave the country. “Go somewhere else,” he demanded, “for you have become too powerful for us.”

Biologically we are provided with only two ways of dealing with our enemies: flight or fight.

Isaac never wants to fight with anyone, so he chose flight.

So he was ready for painful compromises.

Isaac was showing the virtue of MEEKNESS.

What is the definition of TRUE MEEKNESS?

Most of us equate meekness with weakness,

True meekness means, choosing not to fight or retaliate in the interests of peace, or for the welfare of others.

It doesn’t mean we become “doormats” and allow anyone and everyone to step all over us.

As strong and mature believers may have to exercise true meekness in order to preserve peace and unity in the body of Christ.

In verse 26, When Abimelech came to make a treaty with Isaac, Isaac could easily have said “No!”

And after all this abuse, Abimelech asked Isaac for a peace treaty!

What did Isaac do?

He practiced the teaching of Romans 12:18. ……..
……………….. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

True MEEKNESS and FORGIVENESS should be practiced by believers

Jooley Mathew Z