Writing insights for 270 Days in Bible Reading

Dear Friends,

Getting some good insights regularly from people who are good in doing that is good and beneficial. But our programme becomes a success only when everyone in the programme start sharing something in the group regularly from the Bible portion for the day. It could be some simple thoughts but a big step in the spiritual life and ministry of that person.

So let us encourage everyone to read and study Bible sincerely and seriously, also encourage everyone to share something in the group. We all started our schooling with alphabets and numbers and we all reached where we are by continuously studying. If such a growth happened in our secular studies, a similar or better growth can happen in our spiritual life.

We should give importance to our personal study than the insights of others. The insights of others should motivate and challenge each person, to do more deeper study and for more personal reflection. God who helped others to write good insights is able to help us in our study and sharing. When we are hungry, we need to eat food. Seeing others eating good food won’t help us.

The journey of a 1000 miles, starts with one step. May I request everyone to take that first step today itself. God is very keen to help us.

This is not a teaching programme where we arrange few experts to teach everyone else. This is a Bible study programme, where we all should be serious in our personal study and application.