A magnificent song of His love

Hosea 14

In Hosea, it is disturbing to see how our Lord yearns for our unconditional love and to see the indifference of our hearts reflected in the lives of Israel. Then, comes Hosea chapter 14! What a contrast.

Only 9 verses but each brimming with love, mercy, hope. The chapter begins with the prophet urging Israel to return to God in true Repentance. Emphasis is laid on what we say, “ Take words with you and return to the Lord. Say to Him, “Forgive all our sins and receive us graciously that we may offer the fruit of our lips” (vs 2). Speaking to God is important.

God is gracious. He is waiting to heal us spiritually and refresh us with His love, like the dew (vs 4). Living in Chennai, where the summer is intense, I always look forward to every morning, with its refreshing dew. I literally can see the restored sinner blossoming like a Lily, like a majestic cedar tree in Lebanon, wet with God’s dew.

God promises to restore us to fulness and our blessing will spread to others like a sweet perfume (vs 7).

Hosea ends with a deep affirmation of Christian faith – the righteous will walk in God’s ways for we know these ways are right. Truly, we serve such a wonderful God.

Have a blessed day.
Adeline Albert

Return… Bring along words too

Hosea 14:1-2 ” Return Israel to the Lord..take with you words and return..”

Israel must return to the Lord with heartfelt repentance. They should take words with them and return to the Lord.

They must acknowledge Him as their only God. Confess that Assyria could not save them, their warhorses could not either. They would never say ‘our gods’ to man made idols.
“For only He is a compassionate Father.”

See, this was what the Lord was after all along.
An acknowledgement!
Of Israel’s true God, their real lover. Their only Maker.

Like Hosea going after his unfaithful wife, God keeps pursuing unfaithful Israel, who forgets Him conveniently in her prosperity, attributing her success to dumb Baal .

God finds it extremely hard to digest and keeps hedging her with thorns, knowing she will ultimately find her way back to Him.

So there is hope for Israel if she returns back on her own, with words .
If she repents with a genuine heart, using genuine words, God would heal her, restore her and make her fruitful again.

He will do that to us too!