God continues to call His people to a life of holiness

Jeremiah 5:22: Fear you not me? said the LORD: will you not tremble at my presence, Who have placed the sand as the bound of the sea,…….
Through Jeremiah, God spoke to Judah and Jerusalem, exposing their spiritual and moral foolishness in resisting and rejecting Him.

Jeremiah used the illustration of the ocean and the sand.

The waters of the sea continually pound upon the sand, yet the sand remains, and the sea remains within its bounds.

The analogy is clear: if the ocean cannot overcome against the sand, God’s people will never overcome their rebellion against Him.

God’s people did not learn the lesson that nature clearly teaches – that it is foolish to fight against God.

Holiness is God’s plan for our “fullness of life.” ……. In fact, God is our fullness of life!

He has created us for an intimate and personal love relationship with Himself.

But sin has so affected the people of God today that we neither see the need for holiness nor do we desire it.

Our hearts have turned away from Him, and we’ve lost the fear of Him and His judgment.
We substitute work, recreation, relationships and a love of worldly things for our love relationship with God.

As we turn from God, we choose to disobey God and we replace Him, His purposes and His ways with something of the world.

God continues to call His people to a life of holiness.

He’s looking for us to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways

Without our repentance of sin there will never be revival.

And without a true encounter with God in His holiness there will be no true repentance.

Jooley Mathew Z