God’s promise to Jeremiah


JEREMIAH was a priest, son of Hilkiah from Anathoth.(Jer.1:1). He was called the weeping prophet. The word of the Lord came to him in the 30th year of the reign of King Josiah.Jer.1:2.(626 BC).

A. God’s call and response of Jeremiah. Jer.1:4-6.

God set him apart even before his birth and appointed him as a prophet to the nations.(Jer.1:5) When God called, Jeremiah saw only his inabilities, lack of knowledge, lack of experience and was scared to take up the responsibility. “I do not know how to speak; I am only a child.”( Jer.1:7).

We may be only a child in our eyes or only an ordinary person in the eyes of others but God knows how to use us for extraordinary purposes.

B. God’s strengthening of Jeremiah. Jer.1:7.
God is strengthening Jeremiah. “You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.”

God expects complete obedience – anything, anywhere, anytime…
Age, experience, education, background..do not disqualify when God calls. God equips and sustains those he commissions.

C. God’s promise to Jeremiah. Jer.1:8.
“Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and I will rescue you, declares the Lord.”

Do not be afraid.( see also Jer.10:5; 30:10; 42:11; 51:46)

I am with you. Continuous presence of Almighty God with an ordinary person. (see Jer.1:19;15:20)

I will rescue you from problems, dangers, attacks..( see Jer.1:19; 15:20; 39:17)

God never offered a problem free life to Jeremiah but offered His help and protection in any and every situation.

D. How Israel forsake God.
1. Israel followed worthless idols and becomes worthless themselves. Jer.2:5.
2. Israel forget the Lord who delivered them from slavery in Egypt. Jer.2:6.
3. Isreal forget the Lord, who brought them to a fertile land.( Canaan) Jer.2:7.

What the leaders did to God. Jer.2:8.
1. Priests didn’t ask-” Where is the Lord?”
2. Leaders rebelled against God.
3. Prophets prophesied by Baal.

As a result, house of Israel, its king, officials, people, prophets and priests got disgraced. Jer.2:26.

“She has gone up on every high hill and under every spreading tree and has committed adultery there” Jer.3:6.

..committed adultery with stone and wood Jer.3:9.
They committed spiritual adultery with pagan gods by worshipping them. They were going to worship the idols on every high hills and under every spreading tree, where alters to pagan gods were often built.

E. What is God asking Israel?
1.Return, faithless Israel. Jer.3:12,14,22.
2.Return from worshipping detestable idols. Jer.4:1.
3.Circumcise yourselves to the Lord, circumcise your hearts.

Jer.4:4. ( put away everything that has a tendency to grieve the Spirit of God.)

God is willing to accept us back, inspite of all our shortcomings, if we are willing to repent and return to Him

When God calls us or appoint us to do a task, are we willing to obey Him or giving excuses?

Today, when God looks at our life, what is He saying about us?

What are the idols or gods in our life which is taking us away from God?

Today, when God is showing the shortcomings in our life, are we willing to repent and return to God?