Truth teaches us what we really are undone and unclean as sinners

Let us focus on the grace and mercy of God in this pandemic situation because Jesus has ransomed us…Job 33:23-24

🙇‍♀I was able to get up this morning with new hope and anticipation because I know I am alive and God has kept me for one more day. Job Chapter 33 is a wonderful chapter of a wonderful book. It records God’s dealings in grace and providence with a righteous man who was going through some extreme challenging situations. The whole book of Job describes God’s loving attention to and appreciation of His servant Job, without respect to the opinions of men concerning him. How wonderful to think that it doesn’t matter when people don’t understand about our suffering, loss, failure and all their justification and explanation of why we are going through what we are going through, doesn’t comfort us

🙇‍♀Elihu was bringing a spiritual perspective on Job’s suffering, unlike the philosophical, cultural, and personal perspective of his friends. Elihu was showing the need for a mediator, a messenger and a interpretator to give Job a sense of understanding his suffering and how God in His mercy will pull him out of the pit of death. Eliju was explaining that he saw himself as God’s messenger. Though, in Christ Jesus we are all ransomed from sin and death, Elihu was not talking about the work of the Messiah to Job at that moment, though Elihu was painting a picture of the coming Messiah through his dialogue with Job. Elihu knew only God can ransom Job’s life from the pit, Job 33:24.

🙇‍♀The name ELIHU in Hebrew means GOD THE LORD. It is a compound name of GOD and the abbreviated form of JEHOVAH. Another meaning is HE IS MY GOD HIMSELF. Also GOD IS HE. Elihu’s name is the foreshadow of the name Emmanuel God with us, which is the meaning of Jesus, Matthew 1:23. This is so comforting to me. No matter how misunderstood the world is towards us when we go through trials and tribulations, Emmanuel will show up for us!

🙇‍♀Child of God, Remember this, Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ, our Emmanuel, John 1:14,17. Truth teaches us what we really are undone and unclean as sinners. Grace supplies us with all that we need to come near to God and communion with Him. Grace and Truth are inseparable. Truth asserts and establishes the claims of a just and holy God. Grace provides all that a redeemed sinner needs for justification with God.

🙇‍♀Through the words of Elihu, we know that Grace through righteousness for eternal life is only possible in Christ Jesus, Romans 5:21. Let us in our Lockdown time bring people to experience Emmanuel in their situations so that they too can experience the grace of God….Amen🙏

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