Joshua and Israel’s leaders failed to do the one thing

Joshua 9:14:- “The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the LORD.”

Chapter 9 describes an incident where the Israelites were deceived by the Gibeonites and completely taken in by their cunning plan.

It is a story filled with some great lessons for us.

When the Gibeonites arrived at Israel’s camp, they presented this story to Joshua and Israel’s leaders.
Instead of going to God for guidance, the Israelites believed the Gibeonites’ story and swore an oath not to harm them.

Unfortunately, Joshua and Israel’s leaders failed to do the one thing that was most important.

They didn’t ask God for His wisdom and insight into the situation.

They relied on their own senses and capacities for evaluating the situation and did not go to the Lord.
The result was that they were deceived.

What a warning and lesson this is for us!!!!!!!

Sadly, we too can get into all kinds of trouble, wrong relationships, bad agreements and partnerships.

We view and assess circumstances with our natural eyes, human reasoning and independent thinking.
We then make decisions that “seem right, reasonable and advantageous.”

But we never consult God, or we consult Him only casually.

We walk through life trusting in our own limited wisdom and insight rather than tapping into the wisdom of the all-wise God.

The result is a lot of unnecessary pain, problems and regret.

Most of the serious mistakes that we make usually occur because we do not ask God what He thinks about our choices before we make a decision.

Perhaps we are going through some critical times and face some serious issues.

Maybe we need to make an important decision that will affect the rest of our life.

Whatever it may be, take this from today’s lesson:

sincerely ask God about it first and
seek His guidance.
He will help us to find the necessary and effective solution.

Jooley Mathew Z