Our signpost from Levi✝icus

L ~ Lead a life of separation from unrighteousness ( 15:31;26:13)
E ~ Excell in giving ( 1-3 ;27:30-33)
V ~ Value your vows ( 27:1-25)
I ~ Invoke His presence ( 26:11-13)
T ~ The fire must be kept on burning ( 6:8-13)
I ~ Incline your ear to the needy ( 25:35-37)
C ~ Consecrate yourselves and be holy ( 11:44;20:7)
U ~ Unlawful Relationships are to be avoided ( 18:6-23)
S ~ Stand firm with the Lord, not in Egypt nor in Canaan ( 18:1-3)

May the Lord who is the centre of the book of L e v i ✝ i c u s bless us with his rich promises .
Amen 🙏

📝 The book of Levi✝icus begins with the Lord speaking to Moses and ends with the same phrase ( 1:1 ; 27:1)

🌈 The Lord said , ” Follow my decrees and be careful to OBEY my laws ” ( Lev 25:18 )

📌 OBEDIENCE is required because all God’s laws are important.
🙏 Three laws in particular under which the Israelites fails to OBEY :
✅ Idol worship ( 26:1; 19:4, 20:1-3)
✅ Keeping the Sabbath holy ( 26:2; 19:3,30; 23:3 )
✅ Reverence for God’s Sanctuary ( 26: 2 )

✒ If you… obey my commands , I will send you rain… I will grant peace.. I will look on you with favour and make you fruitful.. (26:3-4,6,9)

📌 OBEDIENCE is the key to blessings.
🙏 Three kinds of blessings are promised :
✅ Abundant provisions of food (26:3-5)
✅ Peace and Security from their enemies (26:6-8)
✅ His continuous favour and presence (26:9-13)

📌 OBEDIENCE is required when one makes a vow. Vows were voluntary and were not discouraged but they were discouraged of making hasty or emotional vows in God’s name.
🙏 Three items are dedicated to God while making a vow :
✅ People (27:1-2; 1Sam 1:10-11)
✅ Possession (animals) 27:9-13
✅ Properties(land/house) . 27:14-25

📌 OBEDIENCE in devoting something was far more serious than dedicating it to sacred use .
🙏 Three things could not be dedicated to God, because it already belongs to God.
✅ First born of animal (27:26)
✅ People or Things (27:28-29)
✅ Tithes(27:30-32)

📝 The principle behind these laws is that the Lord is to be honored and given the respect He deserves. 🙌

       🎺  Watch Out  👀


✍🏽 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳

📖📖 Bible in 270 Days 📖📖
🥥 In a Nutshell 🥥

🔔 Warning Bell 🔔
The entire Israelite camp was bustling with activity. Moses was busy writing all the rules and regulations God was giving him. The Israelites were excited of the Tabernacle, the offerings and the priests as these were totally new to them. In the midst of these happenings an unpleasant incident occurred. And it was brought to the notice of Moses for divine intervention.

📖 And the Israelite woman’s son blasphemed the name of the LORD and cursed; and so they brought him to Moses. (His mother’s name was Shelomith the daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan.) Then they put him in custody, that the mind of the LORD might be shown to them (Lev 24:11, 12).

There are several women whose names were not recorded in the Bible. But this particular woman’s name is clearly recorded in the Bible. Her name was Shelomith. She was the daughter of Dibri and belonged to the tribe of Dan.

Shelomith had married an Egyptian man and had a son through him. She somehow convinced her gentile husband to leave Egypt and accompany her to the Promised Land. But she failed to lead her family to the LORD.

Perhaps both father and son were bitter to see the havoc the plagues had done to their country and people. They harbored this hatred and this made the son blaspheme the name of the LORD in a tussle with an Israelite man.

Moreover it was the custom of the Egyptians to curse their gods when things failed to happen their way. So this family was still with mixed feelings. They were travelling to Canaan but with Egyptian mindset. Does this ring a warning bell for us all? Are we travelling to our Promised Land with our mind on earthly things?

It was a new problem to the Israelites and judgment was put on hold waiting for God to give His verdict. And God told Moses that he had to be stoned to death outside the camp. God had clearly told Moses in mount Sinai:

📖 You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain (Ex 20:7).

There are many who use the name of the Lord for mundane reasons. Are we not familiar with OMG meaning O my God? Have we ever wondered whether God would like this?

Dear Ones in Christ, it is high time we are careful with the words we talk. And all the more alert while talking about God. And good for us to avoid using terms like ‘OMG’. Mothers who fail to raise their children properly end up being disgraced by them later in life.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️