Marriage is God’s idea and let’s God’s reflect God’s glory

This book lists the various sins of Israel and Judah before the 1st coming of Christ. We will do well to examine ourselves in the light of the same as we prepare for the second coming of Christ.

Malachi 1

God showed his love for Jacob and despised Esau, who is a picture of the flesh, and confirmed His plan to overthrow Esau, because He was permanently displeased with him, vs 1-5!
Nevertheless, Jacob was loved, because God saw that Jacob would eventually value the birthright over eating delicious food!

The Sins of God’s people as recorded in this Chapter include:
Disrespecting and dishonouring God by *offering improper/defective sacrifices on the Lord’s altar and treating His table as if it was of no importance! The sad part was that there was not one person who realised this and tried to stop these evil practices, vs 10, 6-9,11-14!

Malachi 2

The priests themselves were sinning by dishonouring the Lord’s Name through: disobedience to His Word,
lacking true peace and integrity,
not helping people to turn away from their sin,
lacking lips that preserved knowledge and spread godly instruction.
Instead, they themselves had turned from the way and had caused many to violate the law; and they, thus, corrupted the covenant. So, God was about to punish them if they didn’t stop committing these evil deeds, vs 1-10,12! Thus Judah and Israel fell into idolatory and became disloyal towards the Lord, vs 11.
They were even unfaithful towards their wives and failed to realise that God hates divorce and the one who does violence! Inspite of committing all these sins they wept before the Lord on wondering as to why He refused to accept their offerings favourably, vs 13-16! Further, they wearied the Lord with their words by saying that everyone who does evil is good in the Lord’s opinion, and He delights in them,” or “Where is the God of justice?”, vs 17!

Malachi 3

Their other sins included:
Practice of divination,
Committing adultery,
Breaking of promises,
Exploiting workers, widows, and orphans, and
Refusing to help the immigrant, vs 5
Robbing God in tithes and contributions, thus inviting God’s judgment, vs 8,9
They also *criticised God by saying that it was useless to serve God, vs 13,14
And they *considered the arrogant to be happy, and those who practiced evil to be successful, vs 15!
It was only because of God’s promise to their ancestors that they did not perish yet, vs 6 and now once again through the prophet Malachi, God was calling them back to repentance, vs 7. He also promised them blessings if they obeyed, vs 10-12, however, if they didn’t, he would be sending His Messenger to refine them as a refiner’s fire, like a launderer’s soap, so as to cleanse the Levites and refine them like gold and silver, thus bringing them to the place where they would offer unto the LORD a proper offering, vs 1-4. However, there were those who did respect the LORD and honoured His Name and spoke to one another, and the LORD took notice of them, vs 16. God promised to spare them for they belonged to Him as part of His special property, for they served Him in righteousness, just as a son did, vs 17,18.

Malachi 4

However for those who still refused to repent, judgment would surely come, vs 1! But for those who repented, the sun of vindication would rise with healing wings and they would experience joyful liberty, on trampling the wicked under the soles of their feet, vs 2,3. For the present, they had to remember the laws that God gave them through His prophet Moses, vs 4 and hearken to the one who was to come in the spirit and power of Elijah, and who would turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, so that the earth would not be smitten with a curse, 5,6!

Let him who has an ear, hear!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
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Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 206, 270 Days Bible Reading, Friday, 5.2.21.

Marriage is God’s idea and in this lockdown let’s God’s reflect God’s glory through our Marriage… Malachi 2:10-16

💍In this lockdown many marriages are going through turbulent times, especially with more time at home without the opportunity for going out and having a reduced income is adding stress in some cases. On the other hand there are many testimonies of restored relationship because of the corona space that has created a sacramental space for allowing God into the relationship. God’s Word Is Not To Be Altered To Suit Our Situation. The Whole Counsel of the Word Should Prepare Us For Marriage. We should See Marriage as a Spiritual Covenant Full of Challenges and not as a Social Contract of Convenience. Jesus Has To Be In the Middle of Every Marriage Bond, Holding US Together So that We Don’t Come Apart.

💍We need Godly Counsel, Timely Interventions and Divine Wisdom To Help Couples Fulfill God’s Purposes In Every Marriage. When we see so many Marriages are Breaking Down do we ever Consider that it Breaks God’s Own Heart. In our society, where the divorce rate is near 50 percent, we have become so used to divorce that the prophet’s condemnation of it seems overly strong. Yet this is God’s Word: He hates divorce, Malachi 2:16, because of the pain it brings but continues to love the divorcees

💍Child of God, Remember this, Marriage is God’s Idea and He created Man and Woman to be United as Husband and Wife till death do part them because Marriage is a Covenant. And one is freed from the Covenant only by Death. Perhaps God’s Strongest View on Divorce is Seen in Malachi 2:10-16.The Israelites were Rebuilding the Temple on their return from the Babylonian Captivity, Under the Control of the Foreign Powers. Rather than Honouring the Covenant Marriage the Men of Israel were Divorcing their Jewish Wives for Non Jewish Women from the Neighbouring Cultures. Rather than acting as Protectors, these Divorcing Men Were Committing Acts of Spiritual Violence against their Wives. The extend to which they went to Divorce their Wives were Offensive, Malachi 2:11-12.

💍Divorce was Described During the Days of Malachi as Abuse and Violation against the Women but now there is an Alarming increase in Violence against Women in our culture that is the cause for divorce. God Intended Marriage to Be Heaven on Earth and Not As Hell on Earth. God Expresses His Hatred for Divorce Because of the Pain it Brings to Women and Children who are their Offsprings, Malachi 2:15-16. There is a clear sense in these verses that God is involved in the Concept of Marriage. Malachi 2:15 highlights that the Men were Faithless to their Wives through Divorce. God sees the Union of Marriage According to His Will as the Joining of the spirits. Disjointed and Disconnected spirits will end with Spiritual Damage.

💍God has Specific Purposes For Marriage, which can be Thawarted and Aborted By Divorce. We Are To Reflect The Gospel Through Our Marriage. The Whole Bible Is Based On Concept of Marriage. It Starts with Marriage in Genesis and Ends With Wedding of Lamb in Revelation. In the Middle Is the Wedding at Cana. There are so Many other Well Known Marriages and My Favourite is Rebecca’s and Ruth’s. God in the Old Testament Calls Israel His Wife and In New Testament The Church is The Radiant Bride.

💍I have experienced the Pain of Divorce in My Family, Community and Church.
Though God Hates Divorce, He Does Not Hate the Divorcees. Through Jesus there is Restoration and When lives are Surrender on His Altar He Will Do The Refining and The Purifying Work God Will Never Change, Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8. What He has Established From the Foundation of This World Will Remain. Either We Align With His Word or We Will Align With The World.

💍While the world sees divorce as a valid option for almost any reason, God’s original intent for marriage is seen in the first couple, Adam and Eve. One man and one woman in a committed, loving, lifelong relationship. Such faithfulness in a relationship is meant to reflect God’s forever love for His people, Hosea 2:19; Ephesians 5:31-32. Let us in this lockdown help those who need our prayer support for their Rocky marriges and bring them to the Rock of Ages for Restoration…. Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You⛓️