Parable of Ten Virgins

Mathew 23

In this chapter Jesus lists the various characteristics of Pharisees:
The begin by making laws for others which they themselves do not practice, vs 1-4.

The do *all their deeds solely for the purpose of being noticed by men, vs 5.
They *love places of honour at banquets or in the synagogue, vs 6.

They *love elaborate greetings and for people to call them ‘Rabbi‘. However, Jesus clearly tells us to refrain from calling anyone ‘Father’ or ‘Rabbi’ for these names are solely restricted to be used when addressing our Heavenly Father and Jesus respectively, vs 7-10. Instead, we are to consider each other as our brothers and sisters, vs 8.

And the one who serves others the most will be considered the greatest, vs 11, for whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted, vs 12.

On account of their *hypocritical lifestyle, they neither enter the Kingdom nor permit others who are trying to enter to do so either, vs 13.

They *devour widows houses and just for a pretense make long prayers, vs 14.

They cross sea and land to make one convert, but because they are not converted themselves, their converts are now deceived into believing that they are converted when they are infact not, vs 15!

They place more value on the gold in the temple and the gift on the altar than they place on the temple and the altar which give the gold and gift their value, vs 16-22!

They pay their tithes faithfully while neglecting more important matters like mercy, justice and faithfulness, thus straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel instead, vs 23,24!

They are more occupied with looking good on the outside before people than cleaning their hearts from the sins of extortion and self indulgence in the presence of God, vs 25-28.

For namesake they build the tombs of the prophets and beautify the tombs of the righteous, while never repenting of the evil deeds done to these men by their forefathers, and thus being assured of facing God’s judgment, vs 29-36.

As a result their house will be left desolate for they did not recognise their Messiah when He came in their midst and did not permit Him to gather them together and protect them under His wings, vs 37-39!

The potential to commit each one of these sins lies within each one of us. And, it is only as we are ruthlessly honest about the same, can we be able to deal with and exterminate the ‘Pharisee’ within us. If not, we will end up persecuting God’s righteous people and prophets and inevitably suffer God’s judgment as a result! For there is no partiality with God!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

Parable of Ten Virgins
💞 In Acts 1:11 , it is written that Jesus was taken up into heaven and also that Jesus would come back on the ☁ ☁ clouds just as He was taken up into heaven. This parable reminds us of the Second Coming of Jesus as our ‘ King ,’ who will come to meet His ‘Bride ‘(we -living church).
💞 The parable reminds us of our waiting awake and alert to meet the Bridegroom ,as we do not know the day of the master (bridegroom) coming. (Mt 24:42)
We have to live each day in ‘Faith ‘and in the ‘Grace of God’. This is how we will be ready and prepared to meet our Bridegroom (Jesus) when He comes to meet us and take us forever with Him, to be with Him for all eternity.
💞 Romans 10:17 – says, ” Thus faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes from the Word of Christ. “
We as the disciples of Jesus must know Him by His Word, so that we can believe and trust in Jesus and be able to wait for Him in ‘Faith’.
💞 If we neglect the Word of God (Jesus) in our lives, we will not know Him and may lose our chance of being with Him for all Eternity. For if we fail to wait upon the Lord, we should not be surprised by His reply, ” In truth I tell you, I do not know you. “(Mt 25:12)
6975 – Patsy Fernandes