Two separate occasions of His frightened disciples

Mathew: 14: 30, 31

“But when he saw the wind,
he was afraid and beginning
to sink, cried out,” Lord, save
me”. Immediately Jesus
reached out his hand and caught him….”

The gospels of Mathew and Mark describe two separate occasions when Jesus, in the presence of His frightened disciples, calms a storm on the lake of Galilee. In the first of these events, Jesus is asleep in the bow of the boat when a storm threatens to sink it (Mat:8:23-27, Mk: 4:35-41)

In the second, the disciples are crossing the lake by themselves when Jesus comes to them in the storm walking on the waves. (Mat: 14:22-33,Mk: 6:45-51)

⚡ But only Mathew quotes the incident of Peter’s water walking. When Jesus came near to them and said, “Be of good cheer ! It is l, do not be afraid”. And Peter answered Him and said, ” Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water”. So He said, ” come”.

⚡ He stepped out of the boat and walked toward Jesus. He dared to do something that other eleven disciples did not dare. This can be called ” a leap of faith”. Do you avoid taking risks at all costs? Many of us are reluctant to step out of our comfort zones in case we fail, get hurt or look stupid. But if we allow that fear to bind us, we will end up afraid to do anything.

⚡ Let us consider some more lessons from this episode. Peter walked on water as long as he is focused on Jesus. He quickly distracted by the wind and waves, and began to sink. Hebrews: 12:2 says, “Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end”

⚡ But Peter knew what to do when he began to sink. He cried out to Jesus, “Lord save me”. This is one of the shortest prayers in the Bible.
Lord heard his prayer and immediately reached out his hand and caught him. Remember, Lord’s help is a prayer away.

⚡ When we are unsettled by the chaos of life, it is easy to forget that our Lord is standing in the middle of the storm with us. Jesus asked Peter,” Why did you doubt ?(V:31) No matter what we are going through, He is there, He is here. Next to us at that moment, in this moment, ready to reach out and rescue us.

Dr. Thomas David.🎯

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
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Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 211, 270 Days Bible Reading, Wednesday, 10.2.21.

In this Lockdown, Let us Cross Over the COVID Storm With Jesus….Matthew 14:22-34

🌪Every Storm comes with a Word in season, and for me, it is this, “My Father’s Word is True. No matter what Storm comes my way I will Stand Stable and Steady on the Word of God.” For a year now most of us are caught in a Covid storm and we are all waiting to see it pass and brought to a conclusion. Storms are God’s Classrooms for Training us to Reign over every challenges in Christ Jesus. Storms that come our way, will Position us to be become Storm Overcomers and Promotes Us To Become Water Walkers by Faith, so that, we can have a new beginning, with change and new vision.

🌪Peter had a wonderful first hand experience of taking Life’s Lessons in the Classroom of the School of Storms. He knew that it was better for him to be with Jesus in the Storm than to be in a sinking ship without Him. Peter experienced the Love of God in the middle of the Storm. While he was sinking He sensed the Everlasting Love of God pulling Him out of the waters that was trying to take his life. Peter was walking on the waters that were going to drown him. He was not under the circumstances but above the circumstances. We are designed to walk over our circumstances and not to be drowned by our circumstances. It was Jesus who had sent Peter and the Disciples into this storm, Matthew 14:22. He knew it was coming. Jesus also sends us out into the storms of life, making us as it were, to go to certain places for Him and by His command, knowing full well, that, we will be heading into fierce storms and that, we will be out in the middle of nowhere, with no light and with possibly no human help available. That is a lesson of trust in Jesus for we too will frequently have “the wind against us”, Matthew 14:24.

🌪The Covid 19 Storm is no surprise to God! He already has the Navigational Map sorted out to help us Cross Over the Covid Storm. What keeps us going through this Covid 19 Storm are the Promises of God, which are Yes and Amen, 2Corinthians 1:20. God has not promised us smooth sailing but a safe landing. He will always take us to the other side just as He said. The God, Who is the God of the storms of life, is able to calm every storm. He may not keep us from the storms or allow us to go around the storms but He will be with us through the storms. God who called us is faithful to do it,1Thessalonions5:24.

🌪Child of God, Satan can use Storms because of the Word, to cause us to be unproductive by stealing the Word sown. The storm came after they heard the Parable of the Sower and its explanation, Matthew 13:21. For this reason, we need to dig deep into the Water of God’s Word daily, so that when the Storm comes, we can put it into practice, Matthew 7:24. Peter had the Word of God to walk on the water. The Word he had was COME, Matthew 14:28. He had enough Faith to get him out of the boat. Every Disciple in the boat could have got out because Jesus didn’t saysay, “Come Peter”. The Word Come was for all, including you and me. In every storm in our lives Jesus is still saying Come and even in this Covid 19 Storm, Jesus is saying COME to Him.

🌪Peter walked on water a little way, being supported and enabled by the Power of the Son of God’s Word, for this was an extraordinary and supernatural action, because Jesus suspended the Laws of Gravity. Jesus walked upon the water by his own Power, and Peter walked upon the water, being held up by the Power of the Word of Jesus. Every storm can be stilled by The Lord. They got to obey Him. God will hush the Storm into a Whisper, Psalm 107:29, Even when we are facing a Monster Covid 19 Storm, Jesus can hush it into a Whisper. We are not called to Cope but to Overcome. There will be Storms to row our boat across! We have to get out of our Boats and Walk on the Water of God’s Word. We have to get out of the boats that are going nowhere and Walk on the Word that God has given us, let us Cross over to the other side of the Covid 19 Storm

🌪Let us rescue people who are caught up in this storm by saying, “Come to Jesus” and See Jesus Walking Over the Waters of the Covid 19 Storm to those around us who stuck in a boat going nowhere…Amen🙏.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You⛓️