Passwords of praise

Blessed are the people who know the passwords of praise, who shout on parade in the bright presence of God. (Ps 89:15, MSG Bible)

This verse in the MSG Bible which uses contemporary language is a delight. The NKJV states this more soberly; Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound.

To enter any device, you need a password these days and if you have a memory like mine, you end up forgetting them and resorting to the caveman approach; shout or bang. Neither works. Only the password works.

David never forgot his password to enter the domain of praise. It was Remember; Teach me your way Lord, your truth, how to worship you and I will praise and glorify you. [a paraphrase of Ps 86:11-13].

Some psalms promote vindication for every snub or slight we receive. We brood over partiality and injustice, desiring instant justification.

Jesus wants us to pray for and bless those who persecute us. The world wants revenge. Don’t be like the world. Use the David password to enter the cloud of praise. Remember and praise Him for His mercies. Bless those who put you down. Praise Him because He will right all wrongs in His way and time.

Stay blessed.
Adeline Albert


I love flyovers… the road above a road, which helps one sail over the traffic snarls and traffic lights below.

[Ps 84:5]: This son of Korah has found the “flyover” to Zion. The road that lifts him above all the distractions, temptations & delays of the world and zooms him straight into Zion. (highway = mesillâh= raised or elevated road)

[Isa 35:8] describes this “flyover” as the highway of holiness… No sinner will ever travel that road.

Sin is man’s desire to follow his own heart, living his life his way, for his own pleasure and profit. Naturally if we are following our own impulses and heart, we end up exiting the highway of holiness, and end up coasting on the highway to hell.

👣 There is only one way in which to walk in this highway of holiness… walk in God’s footsteps. He is the Shepherd. He knows the way. He goes before us. [Ps 85:13]

👣 The Shepherd’s footsteps lead us to Zion the City of God.

What’s special about Zion?
The Temple … the place where God met Man was in Zion. It was where Man could come in truth, acknowledging his sin to a righteous God who would forgive with lovingkindness
[Rf Ps 85:10]

With the sin-barrier removed, fellowship between God and Man is restored – the result is peace – drinking deep of still waters and being restored in one’s soul

What are these still waters?
💦God, Himself is the River of Peace to us, refreshing us, flooding us with joy. As we drink deep of Him, He becomes the spring of joy & life within us.
[ Ps 46:4, Is 33:21, Ps 68:26b, Ps 87:7b]

The worshipper didn’t camp out at Zion. The worshipper would have to return to mundane routine… to the valley where one faces temptations & sorrows.

Like all of us, David wrestled with a heart that torn between ”I want” and _“Lord, Your will be done”. And satan exploits that and tries to confuse us and trick us into following our adamic impulses.

But like David, we can pray:
Thank You Lord Jesus for being the Highway to Zion, for leading us to the refreshing streams of the Father’s love. Thank You Holy Spirit for showing us the Shepherd’s footsteps to walk in. Lord, You see all… the cracks & divisions in my heart. I place it Your hand. Heal it… make it an undivided heart that will not wander astray. Open my eyes to see the fullness of Your Majesty, so that I may rightly honour You by obeying You, and walk with You in Truth. In Jesus Name. Amen.