Save me, O God Psalm.69:1

Situation of David.

Waters have come upto my neck. 69:1. (Drowning situation in a flood of troubles.)

I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. 69:2. (not able to escape from problems).

Reached deep waters and floods engulf me.69:2 (dying situation).

I am worn out calling for help and throat parched by calling.69:3(miserable condition and no help coming).

People hate me without reason are innumerable. Without reason, people become my enemies and they seek to destroy me. 69:4.

  • Forced to restore what I did not took. 69:4.

I endure shame for God’s sake and shame covers my face. 69:7.

  • My brothers treat me as a stranger and as a foreigner. 69:8.
  • People insult me. 69:9.
  • I weep and fast. 69:10.
  • People make fun of me when I put on sackcloth. 69:11.
  • People mock me and drunkards sing songs about me. 69:12.
  • I am scorned, disgraced and ashamed. 69:19.
  • Looked for sympathy and comfort but nobody to give. 69:20.
  • I am in pain and distress. 69:29.

Prayer of David

  • Save me, O God. 69:1.
  • I prayed to you, O Lord.. answer me with your sure salvation. 69:13,16.
  • Rescue me from the mire.. deliver me from those who hate me. 69:14.
  • Answer me quickly, for I am in trouble. 69:17.

Some of you maybe going through the situation of David. I have gone through most of it…Let us continue to pray and the God who delivered David from all his troubles and problems is able to help us.