The Book of Psalms 19-25

Psalm 19 – The silent heavens declare the glory of their Maker to all who are on the earth. Their glory testifies to the righteousness and faithfulness of the Lord who created them. Then David exalts the law, statutes precepts, commands, fear of the Lord and ordinances and in keeping them there is great reward. We should be careful to see that the words of our mouth and meditation of our heart should be pleasing in God’s sight.

Psalm 20 – A prayer of a king before he goes out to battle against a threatening force. He prays for help and support. He wishes that his desires may be granted and plans succeed. When the king puts his TRUST IN THE LORD and not in his army God answers and gives him the victory with the saving power of His right hand.

Psalm 21 – A Psalm of praise for the victories granted to the king and for God’s unfailing love and His favour to the king for granting all his desires. They thank God for the unending flow of blessings. The people hail the future victories of their triumphant king.

Psalm 22 – This psalm is an anquished prayer of a godly person. No other Psalm fitted quite so aptly the circumstances of Jesus at His crucifixion. The first verse of this Psalm was spoken by Jesus on the cross , My God, My God why have you forsaken me. The Gospel writers saw in the passion of Jesus the fulfillment of the cry of a righteous sufferer.

No Psalm is quoted more frequently in the New Testament. They parted their garments among them and cast lots for my clothing. These words of the Lord’s sufferings is found in verse 18 of this Psalm. The Psalmist was in great distress because of the attack of his enemies. When God delivered David from the paw of his enemies the Lord was praised with great celebration.

Psalm 23 – The Lord was the Shepherd of Israel as Jesus is our Shepherd now. He provides refreshment and well being. He offers safety and guidance in his ways. The prosperity of the Lord’s servant brings honour to the Lord’s name. The Shepherd protects and satisfies his sheep. After enjoying his goodness and love his beloved sheep will enter their eternal home.

Psalm 24 – The Lord is the Creator, Sustainer, Possessor of the whole world, therefore worthy of reference and worship. David keeps his eyes steadfastly on the Lord’s love and truth. He did not associate himself with the world. Clean hands and a pure heart are a requisite for those who come to God. The Lord mighty in battle had triumphed over all his enemies. He returned in victory to his own city.

Psalm 25 – THE Psalmist prayed for Covenant mercies when he suffered due to sin or attack from enemies. He appeals for God’s mercy, love, goodness, uprightness, faithfulness and grace. He also prayed for guidance in God’s will, forgiveness of sins, and relief from affliction. He prayed that God would enable him to live a life of unmarred moral values. He also offered a prayer for all his people.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝