Magnifies God’s grace and extols His sovereignty

The theology of Romans 9-11 magnifies God’s grace and extols His sovereignty. Never lose the wonder of your salvation or of the greatness of God. No matter how deep the valley or difficult the battle, a vision of God’s greatness puts joy in your heart and strength in your soul. God knows what He is doing even if you do not understand it fully.

There is a future for Israel; Paul is proof of that (Vs.1; 1Timothy 1:16), and so is Israel’s past history (Vs.2-10). God has always had a believing remnant in Israel, no matter how dark the day. When you become discouraged about the future of the church and feel that you may be the only faithful Christian left, read 1 Kings 19 and focus on God’s greatness.

We cannot explain all the purposes and plans of God, but we can worship and praise Him for who He is (Vs.33-36). The end result of all Bible study is worship, and the end result of all worship is service to the God we love.

Posted by brother Narayan

Romans. 14:8
“We live unto the Lord. “
If God willing, each of us might have entered heaven at the moment of conversion.
It is possible for a man to be taken to heaven and to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light.
It is true that our sanctification is a long and continued process.
God might have changed us from imperfection to perfection and have taken us to heaven atonce.
Why then we are here?
The answer is — we are here that we may “live into the Lord ” and may bring others to know His Love.
We remain on earth as sowers to scatter good seed, as ploughman to break up the fallow ground;as heralds publishing Salvation.
We are here as the “salt of the earth “to be a blessing to the world.
We are here to glorify Christ in our daily life.
We are here as workers for Him and as ” workers together with Him”.
Let us live earnestly, usefully and holy.
Let us praise the Glory of His Grace .
Meanwhile we long to be with Him and sing daily
“My heart is with Him on His throne”
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