What to do to be saved?

Romans 10-14 chapters

What to do to be saved?

In his earlier days, Paul believed personal victory came through self-righteousness. By the time he wrote to the Roman’s, he understood that the only way to gain victory came through God’s righteousness.

How can one be saved from God’s just condemnation? Paul explains his answer in Romans 10: “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved,” he says in verse 9.

In a sense, this chapter provides the climax to the dilemma building through the book’s first nine chapters. Only after thoroughly explaining the problem does the apostle lay out the plan to find and experience victory. Leaders always progress toward solutions.

Paul Touches Hearts, Then Asks for Response. After climbing an enormous theological hill, Paul shifts gears in Romans 12. The eleven chapters provide a basis for our belief, but from chapter twelve to the end of the book, the apostle supplies a basis for our behaviour. First doctrine , then duty. This is how Paul always attempted to connect with his listeners.

Paul pleads with his friends, based on God’s mercy, to lovingly surrender themselves to the Lord. Paul urges people to first present themselves to God as living Sacrifices, then Paul urges them for Separation, that is to avoid conforming to the ways of this World. Then Paul instructs about getting Transformed by renewing our minds and hearts by heeding to the Word of God, thus changing our lives. Lastly Paul teaches about demonstrating our life to prove that we belong to God by doing His will. (Rom.12: 1,2)

Paul argues that these four acts provide the logical response to God’s grace. He knew this was a tall request, but he spent 11 chapters building foundation for the ” big task”. Leaders who connect touch hearts in big way, then ask for a big response.

“Many leaders commit the error of seperating leadership from relationships. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Relationship and caring is very important part of the Character while you build others for the Kingdom of God”.

We see Paul’s Character excelling in the areas of relationship and caring attitude for others. This reflect the attitude of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a Child of God we have to reflect these attitudes towards people when we build others for Christ. May Lord help us to be transformed like Jesus in our lives. Amen.


In Christ Jesus,
Mercy joy, Bangalore.