All Glory to Our Father in the highest

I was invited into the 180 days Bible reading program by a contact I hadn’t seen before. But as soon as I saw the invitation, I was glad something like that existed where children of God could gather to share insights. I joined immediately and noticed another person I know was in the group 😁. I read and enjoyed the insights daily from different people. There were times I couldn’t keep up, then I’ll go back and start to read from where I stopped when I had the time. As it drew to an end the call came for people who where interested to be admins to write. I immediately sent mine, because I was very happy to be part of the programme.

The journey to 240 days Bible reading program began, and I sent to all my contacts, people began to join and then send to others. I joined 3 other groups as a member so as to be exposed to more insights. But then I found 1 was not as functional. I started forwarding daily to 2 groups. I tried to ensure not to miss it daily.

During the lock down, there was an insight on “worth more than a sparrow ” and God really blessed me with it. I prayed with it, because I wasn’t able to do my business. But I got a message from a family member in UK who said you have been on mind and I want to send you money. She tried to send and wasn’t able to as they reversed it. I told her not to bother, but she insisted she would look for alternative, and she did. I was sure it was God!!.
Then the devil decided to attack my husband’s health and he had to be admitted and treated thrice for persistent malaria.

Then came mine, he chose to attack my health through malaria, typhoid and ulcer. When I was going on admission, I had to contact one of the admins to please forward insights daily if I didn’t. For a period of 3weeks my health was failing, but I kept telling God if You’ll restore my health, I would do more for You. And I told Him specifically, You know I ensure to post daily in 2 different Bible groups, and You won’t allow me be taken so soon because I still want to continue. Even after I was discharged I wasn’t any better. I took to prayer, praise and confessing His word. And then I ensured I didn’t stop posting here for long. Even on the sick bed, I would ask for my phone and forward insights.

Indeed God is faithful as He alone restored my health, and I happily look forward to the 270 days Bible reading program.

The 270 days Bible reading is here and God has remained faithful.
Every insights has been a blessing.
All praises to God Most High.

Rufus Rolake
West Africa Coordinator