How I translate English insights into Telugu group

My Testimony

Praise the Lord. Greetings to you all my fellow believers in Christ. I started my Bible study journey in 210 days with a link. In fact that year only with my husband’s permission I downloaded WhatsApp. One of my friend sent this link to me. Systematically, according to portion they send many insights to the group. I am happy to see many messages, but I can’t read all of them. I worry how I can complete these many messages.

I feel like I am in running race. One day, they posted the Telugu group link. I felt so happy that God listened to my prayers gave me a Telugu group link. I thanked God and joined that group. But as soon as I joined in that group my happiness went away because even there only English insights are being posted.

I started praying to God, “Please help me Lord to read all messages or otherwise arrange somebody to post Telugu messages.” Days passed but nobody posted Telugu messages and many people were leaving from the group. I felt so bad. All of sudden God gave me an idea. Why can’t I translate English insights into Telugu and post into the groups. I stated slowly one by one insight translation, and the people who left came back.

With that boost I translated more and posted in the groups. Sister Subhashini asked me to join in another 7 groups and post Telugu messages there. At the start I didn’t have much knowledge in WhatsApp, I felt that my mobile capacity cannot maintain these many groups. So I did not accept sister’s invitation. Each day one by one, people were asking me to join in their groups.

With lot of pressure i joined in that groups. All of sudden in one group Sister Jooley Mattew made me a group admin and she left from that group. This is another challenge to maintain that group as a admin. Before finishing 210 days Rev. C. V. Sir personally asked me to take a challenge as a Coordinator. I thought that this is too difficult for me, I do not have that much knowledge to take that challenge. I want to serve the Lord but it is too big of a task for me.

I prayed to God and said that if it is God’s willing I will accept this challenge. God gave me peace, I took that challenge and maintained 37 groups that year. In 270 days as a Mega Coordinator with 10 Coordinators helping 135 groups, with 9, 670 members we are successfully maintaining Telugu groups.

We are have 4 audio groups. So many old and disabled people joined those groups, all are enjoying the Word of God daily. Sister Lakshmi Prasanna taking much pain and doing her best in audio recording work. I thank C.V sir who started this amazing bible study, I have learnt a lot. He encouraged me a lot. Thank you all for your beautiful insights. I want to thank my team Coordinators, admins, insight writers and translators. Each one doing their best to serve God in these Bible study program. I am simple an ordinary woman, I don’t have much knowledge in any, but God used me for his ministry like this.

This year we want to establish more 1000 groups with the help of all. Harvest is more. I want to encourage all of our members in groups to please accept challenge and serve Lord as admins, Coordinators, Mega Coordinators, God will take care of everything, he will use you mightily for his glory and the establishment of his kingdom. Take one step further He will lead you. Seek the Kingdom of God first, then every blessing will follow you. God bless you all.

Sister Sridevi Pala. 🙏🏻
Abudhabi (UAE)