Bible Reading Programme

One of the best ways for people to know God’s love and to grow in Him is to read and study God’s Word systematically and seriously. Like electricity that produces light and removes darkness, God’s word will bring in Godliness in human beings.

In 270 days Bible reading programme, we are reading and studying Bible in 9 months. It takes only few minutes to read a day’s portion. According to the availability of our time, we can spend as much time as possible to study it. Out of 1440 minutes/ day, can’t we spend few minutes? Yes, it is possible for everyone. You can read according to your convenience, morning/evening/night, in one sitting or in different sittings.

In this programme, millions of people are participating from all over the world in different languages. All are members of a WhatsApp group. Around 10,000 WhatsApp are there now. The insights or messages shared by different people after reading, is a big help in the understanding of the portion. As we are in groups, it motivates everyone to continue the programme.

If you are a person who loves Jesus, you can serve him by taking up a responsibility, to add more people to the programme. It is a privilege to bring all our near and dear closer to God.

Jesus is asking for volunteers to serve as admins of WhatsApp groups. The job is very easy. You will get an opportunity to add your friends, contacts or Church members with their consent. There will be a self joining link for all the groups. If the members of a group circulate it, in few hours a group can be full.

Lord is looking for Group Coordinators. You can offer this opportunity to serve as admins to your dear ones and then coordinate them. There could be 10 to 100 WhatsApp groups under you.

If you love Jesus and want to serve Him in this programme, please write to your admin or to the group coordinator or to the Mega group coordinator in your group. If not, write a short message to me in +977 98134 20744. You can write your name and place and Yes if you want to serve as an Admin. Please write the language of your choice also. English also could be used with any other language. If you are willing to serve as a group coordinator you can write Yes Yes We will be doing the needed. We are praying for many more thousands of people to take up leadership in this programme. Are you an answer to our prayer?

The programme can be conducted in any language of the world. Those who have already joined the programme can also take up a bigger responsibilities. The Bible reading Programme will be starting on 15th July, 2020. Let us together spread light where there is darkness, love where there is hate, hope where there is despair and peace where there is fear.

Let God’s Word, countinue to transform us and our society. Our churches can become loving, caring, sharing and witnessing communities.

3rd July 2020,