A stage will come when we can’t live without studying Bible

Useless Medicine?

Knowing a City?

When a Doctor prescribes various medicines to a patient, he / she may not understand the need or benefit of everything. We know that a Doctor prescribed all those medicines with a purpose and they all contribute in the healing.

Certain passages in the Bible are not very easy to understand. We might feel like, why it is written in the Bible and what we can learn from it? As a result, some neglect some books or passages.

In our body, we give more care and importance to certain organs but don’t give importance to certain other parts. Can we find any part of our body which is not needed? What can happen if we remove that part of our body which some of us think is not important?

Bible is God breathed or inspired by God or God used different people in the writing. *2.Timothy.3:16,17; 2Peter.1:20,21.So we know that God is the author of the Bible and that is why we call it God’s word. Because God is the author, people all over the world are studying it for centuries. We never get bored even after reading and studying it for decades. Our desire to understand it increases as we study it.

God never make a mistake. Each book, chapter, verse and word is written with a purpose.So let us not neglect any book or portion in the Bible. Let us continue to read and study it more and more. Let us read and study all the books and passages even if we don’t understand everything immediately.

We can understand a CITY in different ways.

  1. Fly over the city in a helicopter.
  2. Ride through the city in a car.
  3. Walk through the city.
  4. Stay in the middle of the city.

We can understand more about the city when we used the later methods than the earlier ones. The more we stay and travel in a city, its streets, buildings, people become more familiar to us. People who were strangers to us become friends and some become close friends. Slowly we become part of that city and that city and it’s people become an essential part of our life.

Similarly, when we start reading and studying Bible, we don’t understand everything. Please continue to read and study. A stage will come when God start speaking to us through the Bible. Passages, incidents and people which were strangers to us become friends and close friends. A stage will come when we can’t live without studying Bible.

May God help each one of us to develop a passionate love with God’s word, an insatiable hunger and thirst to know it more, which should develop into an intimate relationship with God. This relationship should help us to lead a life in Him, for Him and for the extension of His Kingdom.

Knowing a city, learning a language and studying Bible, all needs effort. With more time and effort, we get better understanding.

May God help each one of us in our reading and understanding of God’s word.