Personal Bible Study (PBS) & Group Bible Study (GBS)

I knew swimming and learnt it not by reading a book. To learn swimming, we need to get into water and try.

We all can read and study Bible by following the principles of Inductive Bible Study ( IBS ). In IBS, we follow 3 steps- Observation, Interpretation and Application. Observing what the text or portion says. This can be done by asking few questions to the text and finding answers- What, where, when, why, who, whom,.. By repeatedly reading and studying, we can understand this. Interpreting the passage by understanding what the original author meant or what the original reader or listener understood. Applying the passage by asking, how can I apply this truth in my life.


How about starting a small discussion / sharing / teaching group at home / locality / place of study or work / over phone?

It could be sitting in a room or under a tree / while traveling or even over the phone. It could be even with a child or with a group of people. We learn more when we teach something to others.

These days, one of the topic which majority of people discuss is about the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we discuss more about the number of people infected, died…etc…it increases fear and worry in the mind of many. Instead of giving more fear and stress, we can increase faith and hope in the mind of people by sharing and discussing God’s Word with them. How about we find few people with whom we can regularly discuss the scripture portion we are studying? By doing that with different people, we can inject more hope, peace and faith in the family and in the society.

Try to find some time to share / discuss/ teach what we are reading and studying daily from the Bible. That will help us to understand the passage better and we get an opportunity to help others also to learn. This helps us not only spiritually but even in a secular way. We develop our communication skills and leadership qualities.

Let us be people who are serious in the study of God’s Word. Let us be sincere in communicating what we learn to others around us. Let us make the best use of our phone to make our world a better place.