In big international Football or Cricket matches, when few players are playing in the ground, many thousands would be in the stadium as spectators, millions of people would be sitting or standing in front of TV screens and majority may be cheering one team or the other. They are all viewers only.

As physical food is essential for our physical stamina and growth, spiritual nourishment is very essential for our spiritual strength and growth.

Our Bible reading programme is planned in such a way that, we expect every member to personally read and study God’s Word. Let us be real players and not spectators in this programme. If we are reading only the insights of others and not seriously studying the Bible portions, we won’t get the real benefit.

Seeing the Olympics swimming competitions won’t help us to swim. To learn swimming, we need to get into water and try. Slowly we can also learn to swim. If we continue to swim, we could even compete in state or national or international swimming competitions.

So let us be serious in our reading and study of God’s Word. It needs time and efforts. Like a School or College student using note books to write down all the important points, let us also use pen and paper to write down all that is helpful in our personal Bible study. The seriousness of our study is an indication of how serious is God and His Word in our life.

When our Bible study is serious, then our learning will be deeper. When our knowledge of God and His Word increases, our spiritual growth happens. When we grow spiritually, we will be excited to share about God and His Word with others in writing and in speaking. Again, this could be an indication of our spiritual growth.

So let us be serious in our study of God’s Word. Let us be excited about sharing the new understanding with others through writing and speaking.