Identify the areas where I was sinful

My testimony

My friends in Christ, Lord Jesus has worked in wondrous ways in my life nd continues to do so …this proclamation is one witness to it. Well, I considered always fortunate to have been born a Christian though I have not actually lived a true Christian life.

As I read the Bible systematically along with the reflections, it lead me to identify the areas in my life where I was sinful. As I prayed intensely for deliverance I was lead to pin my faith on the Lord and focus on his benevolence. Many problems pestering our family for long just vanished only through his mighty power. Today I long to begin my day in prayer without which I feel I have not taken my dose of vitamin. Nd I’m rejoicing that I’ve at last heard my shepherd calling me by my name.

My Lord nd saviour has brought me here in this stage of my life safely even though I have not prayed for his assistance. He has worked numerous miracles in my life both great nd small. The lines ‘The savior is waiting to enter our hearts why don’t you let him come in …holds very true. And that is how I joined the Bible reading class.

Yes my dear friends it’s difficult to comprehend the goodness of God unless we dwell on his goodness .
Praise the lord of all Heaven and Earth always…

Omana Paul, Bombay, India.