Thank you Rev. CVA and my dear Co-writers

I joined the 120days Bible Reading group through a friend as a member, I enjoyed reading the insights by Rev.CVAbraham, Sister Annie, Sis Shanta.

Rev.CVA, encouraged me to write insights but I didn’t have the courage, I thought to myself let me read the Bible thoroughly first then I can write.

As I joined this Bible group,the Bible became a close friend to me and answer to all my problems.Blessings started flowing in ,I would carry the Bible, wherever I went and if any portion was incomplete for the day I would feel uncomfortable and restless.

This group became a part and parcel of my life so much so that I continued joining the 150, 180, 210, 240 Days ,presently the 270Days. I started as a member. Rev.CVA encouraged me to be an Admin, Coordinator and Mega Coordinator. I am grateful to him for his support as well as faith on me to take up such responsibilities.

I am gearing myself up for the 300Days too.Its no turning back now, as it has edified me, built me up, strengthened me and renewed my love and relationship with God.

I have a wonderful team of admins who support me and actively post the insights regularly.May God bless them richly for the wonderful work they are doing.

Let’s join hands together and encourage many more to join the upcoming 300 Days programme .Please join in as Admins and Coordinators so that many more may be blessed the way we have been blessed.
It has been a blessed journey, thank you Rev.CVA and my dear Co-writers. It was lovely reading, writing and walking this journey with you.

With Prayers­čÖĆ