Testimony from Kemi Adeyemo

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I give glory to Almighty God, thank and Praise God for the opportunity to be in this Bible reading programme initiated by Rev.C.V.Abraham, God bless you sir.

I gave my life to Christ a long time ago but I have no thirst for studying the word of God as I have now.
I just glance through the Bible like a story book.

I started with the 180 days Bible reading but was not active at all, I only go through other people’s insights and that was all

I continued with the 240 days Bible reading and contributed once in a while until about the middle of the program I was made an admin.

This 290 days Bible reading marked the beginning of God’s blessings in my life .

My thirst for reading the scripture increased and my faith got strengthened and all the challenges I have didn’t worry me anymore.

I pray more for the salvation of my family and how I will make people around me happy as much as possible.
God had promised me somethings which are yet to materialize and I prayed God is not a man He will do what he says he will do at the appropriate time. I won’t give up.
Nothing annoys me anymore and I often asked myself any time faced with challenges that how will Jesus react to this situation.
Search the scripture and trust God.

My hope in Christ got grounded more and more because of reading the Word of God.

I feel sad Any day I skip reading because of other activities and I just publish other people’s insight.

At the beginning of this 290 Bible reading devil started using some people from the group to private chat me for financial support or friendship mostly from outside Nigeria and I will pray for them and connect them to Christian organizations that could help them in their countries with their challenges over there.

Also there was a time a man from India sent a pornographic picture to me and Insisted on video chatting with me which I didn’t allowed.

I private chatted him with the Word of God and asked him to repent of all his sin and give his life to Christ,after which I blocked him when he didn’t stop

Satan can use any thing to stop us of our spiritual growth.So we need to be careful and guide against distractions.Devil knows his time is almost up therefore he wants more people in his kingdom.
Since then no such challenges anymore I pray that this programme be a blessing to many around the world not distractions.
I pray for more more grace to Rev.Abraham who initiated the program .It shall grow to yet higher heights

Thank you for opportunity to be one of the coordinators
May God bless You and your family and all the participants.

I feel great peace and calmness now than before and I feel sad any day I fail to read the Bible This Programme has changed me a lot I thank God for inner transformation
From testimonies many people had looked forward for this type of program and God has used you and is still using you and your family.

My determination is to focus more on Jesus to become like Him. God bless you all.

Kemi Adeyemo 🇳🇬