Is studying God’s Word Necessary

What do you get from studying God’s Word?

📖 Knowing God

To know God’s Plan in our lives we must know God

Knowing God’s Creation can help you know God’s glory (Romans 1:20)
The act of the law shows that it is written in their hearts;
Romans: 2:14-15

There is a difference between knowing God personally and knowing about God.

The Bible is the history of the world, the beginning of sin, the cause of death, and so on. Man cannot know the message of salvation except through the Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

📖 Knowing God’s Plan

Because all the Scriptures are god’s breath, god’s man must be perfect for all good work
. It is useful for advice, reproach, quality, and exercise in justice. 2 Timothy: 3:16-17

By studying the Bible regularly, we can learn how to run divine life and how to love and serve the God who gave life to us.

📖 Knowing the Word of God

Studying the entire Scripture is a way to develop our knowledge of God’s Word.

God’s Word will help us to overcome many stages in our spiritual life

Find extra time to pray. Praise be to God who gave us eternal life and His Word. We can pray to God to teach us the Word and make us guide. So we may be more truthful in our pursuit of God.

Let us dedicate ourselves to reading and meditating on God’s Word to better know God, his Son, and God’s plans.

🙏🏻May you always have God’s grace and mercy in the 270 days Bible Study Plan.