Amazing grace : 270 Days Bible Reading

Being part of this 270 days Bible study group is indeed a blessing for only chosen people and I am thankful to the Lord for choosing me to be part of this amazing study to know him more in depth… There cannot be a better platform than this to understand the OT.

I had an experience of the Lord speaking to me through insights which I would like to share. Last Friday Oct 9th when I was about to go for walking I had a minor accident were a big iron gate banged my head behind n I fell down…I was panicked if I will collapse due to the bang on my head. By Gods grace I am fine.🙏🏼

That same evening I desperately wanted to know why God made me undergo this minor accident.. 😒
I fervently prayed for an answer from the Lord and opened the insights from where I had to read that evening and in the first insight itself the Lord
Beautifully answered me as below👇🏼

❇️Yesterday there was a blast in a petrol pump and fire broke out ,the blast was so thundering and strong that it shook the houses close by .Two of our church members were present few minutes before the blast .He testified that he was at the Petrol Tank at the ATM to withdraw money ,since it was a long queue he decided to postpone it for later.He just moved out and reached his house which was closeby and heard a loud boom sound ,later he came to know that fire had broken out just in the same place where he was waiting ,he thanked God for His amazing grace.The other believer too was just entering into the Petrol tank when he heard the loud sound he immediately backed his car.My husband too frequents that road to his office but by God’s Grace he was in a Bank closer to our home.

❇️ This is AmazingGrace!! when God gives you an extended life ,saves you from the most dangerous situation specially from the face of death that is AMAZING GRACE!!

I felt amazed as God responded to my question, that he has saved me from a bigger danger as death…if I had proceeded with walking on that evening.
He saved me by this minor accident(small injury)

What an amazing God we serve!!!

Praise the Lord!!!

Thirsty Sheep Francina Kavitha

Iam thankful to God for being in this 270days Bible study group… as this blessed spiritual family of mine took me to His throne of grace everyday for my healing…

I was infected with covid-19… with lung infection & was hospitalized. But I am grateful to my Lord for taking me through this valley of death… which led me to feel the living prsence of Lord Jesus Christ… afresh..with mme & realise that only Faith..Hope &Love is eternal in this world….In the hospital the insights from Book of Nehemiah &Esther also strengthened me…Living words of God was so real &clear !!!A big thank you to my dear brothers & sisters inChrist❤❤

Sis Sudantha
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