Tireless efforts in encouraging a wide readership base

Praise the Lord

I thank Rev. C V Abraham on his passion and tireless efforts in encouraging a wide readership base through the Bible reading program. I too joined the group to read the Bible front to back but God had other plans too. I was made Admin after few days. When I joined there were no translators for the Bengali group where few of my friends had joined. I spent couple of weeks looking for a translator but could not find any. My GCO Princess Hudson has been a great source of encouragement, she prayed with me and shared with me how she also did few tamil translations. This motivated and inspired me and I started translating in Bengali. Few friends of mine were Punjabi and Urdu speaking, so a group was formed for them. Again, there being no translator, God led me to translate in these languages although I have no knowledge of the alphabets. Meanwhile, the Nepali group were asking for messages in their native language and God is using me for this group too. I translated few messages in Hindi, when I had time; and in Tamil; and Tamil messages in other languages. Yes, I do use the Google translator, which is not reliable but with God all things are possible and with His help I use it to my maximum advantage.

Initially, I struggled to do one Urdu message a day but God was with me and slowly guided me and helped me to find my mistakes, (God would become Allah, Parameshwar to Parmatma). I started with 1 message and God is so faithful he led to me to other languages and the minimum I did in a day was 4 and the maximum I have done is 22 translations in a day. I am beginning to recognize some alphabets in all these languages. Then I had a severe setback, there was sickness in the family and I was unable to do for 4-5 months. I must thank Reverend again, he was in touch with me and prayed for me and my family. God has been faithful throughout and my family members are much better and on their feet now; and I have made a comeback.

I also thank all the Insight writers for their interpretation which has given me hope, nurtured me, educated me. I am much blessed and look forward to growing more spiritually.
God bless you all. 🙏


I thank Abha Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and all saint’s in heaven and on earth sply Holy spirit for leading Rev Father Abraham in this mighty task of taking all of us deep into the Bible. Thanks once again, I Mrs Mary Joy a Syrian Catholic by faith has been fortunate to be included in this blessed Bible study programme with Gods blessed people who have shared awesome insights n have prayed along thanks to each one for your prayers. I would like to share my humble testimony, the last year had ended quite badly for me n family as we were looking forward for Christmas n my son’s final cs exams, on 23 rd of Dec 20 they sent my son home on the 3 rd day saying he had temperature n cancelling all his previous papers, it was very difficult period as his previous exams had been postponed n this had happened against all our prediction s we all couldn’t accept it my son’s anxiety led him to have digestive problems, today he is better waiting for exams, my daughter lost her job during corona n has found one by the grace of God. I thank God for helping me pray for people in similar situations, I Praise God for enabling me to Praise him in my suffering. Cause I know my god has a better plan for me n my children. He will never abandon us. Thankyou lord for your mercies unending. Praise you lord now and forever. Amen