Therefore God has blessed you forever Psalm 45:1-2

Why God is blessing us forever?

  1. My heart is overflowing with good theme.

Yes, our heart is a treasure. Mathew 12 : 35. Good fruits, and the word of God that is the the good news should fill our heart and it should overflow from our heart. Overflowing of love, kindness, patience, humbleness, happiness, peace, thankfulness, divine wisdom etc from our heart is the true witness, through which we should magnify God. It will bring blessings in our life and others life too. For these good theme to overflow from our heart, we should empty our heart or humble ourselves first. We should humble ourselves to think and say that we are nothing. Yes, let us submit our heart to overflow with fruits of the Spirit, word of God, and with the anointation of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Our tongue should recite and write as a ready writer about our King, Jesus as You are fairer than the sons of men. Yes, He is our beloved, and our bridegroom. When we Praise Him, worship Him and adore Him, He will bless us.
  2. Grace is poured upon His lips. Today what are we pouring from our lips? Let us search ourselves. Do we speak hard and harsh words, words which can pierce others heart or make wounds in others heart, bad words, lies, cunning crafty words etc ? Or, do we pour kind, loving, gracious, sweet words which will build up others faith ?

Yes, when our heart, tongue and lips overflow and pour like this, definitely God will bless us forever . Through us He will bless others too. May God bless each one of us according to the above words. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

Wedding of the Lamb

Psalm 45
❇️ In embroidered garments she is led to the King; her virgin companions follow her(v14)

❇️ This Psalm is a prophetic wedding song written by the sons of Korah for the wedding of the King, who is the Lamb of God, with his bride the Church

❇️ Glory of the princes or the bride will be her garments of salvation (Isa.61:10) and robe of righteousness (Rev.19:8).

❇️ Virgin companions are those wise virgins whose lamps (soul) will continue to burn with oil ( word of God) when the King comes.This will enable them to attend the wedding banquet of the Lamb of God.

❇️ The LORD God will anoint Lord Jesus Christ with oil of joy and set him over his Companions who probably are those Jews who receive the seal of God on their foreheads during the tribulation (Rev.7:4 ) and follow him wherever he goes (Rev.14:4)

✅ Insights learnt:
▶️ Garments of salvation and robe of righteousness (acts) are mandatory for us to be the bride of the Lamb

Vellore 🙏🏽