Testimony by George Joseph Trivandrum, India

As I sit back after dispatching my 180th insight today, I can’t bring myself to believe that I have been able to do it without any break for the last 6 months. It is all God’s grace and the prayers and goodwill of many.

There is a still greater wonder. On a stock-taking I realize that I have spent so far a little more than 900 hours for meditation and insight writing in both Malayalam and English, equivalent to 75 full days. That is calculated on the basis of my spending not less than five hours each day for the purpose. But for this systematic Bible Reading programme, I would never have spent so much time on reading the Bible.

It becomes a miracle when I find that so much time could be set apart by a person like me who was already hard pressed for time. While I was in New Delhi working as Asst.General Manager of a bank, I used to deliberately put aside my bank worries and make time for my family when I came home in the evening. But after retirement I found that I had absolutely no time to spare . As a speaker, writer, gardener and grandfather, 24 hours a day were not enough for me. But, to my amazement I found that waking up at 5 in the morning and spending 5 hours on reading, meditating and writing on His Word did not rob me of my time. With God’s help I find I can do it all. When you take the first steps to serve God, He makes everything easy for you.

Although I hesitatingly joined the programme, with my wife’s persuasion, as days went by it slowly developed into a passion for me. I spend more time on reading and meditating than on writing. I think that is how it should be. The more you meditate the deeper will be the insights you receive.

Rev.C.V.Abraham has taken upon himself a gargantuan task of inspiring people all over the world to read and relish the Bible. But his task has been made easier by an equally dedicated team of enthusiasts at various tiers from the Mega Group Co-ordinators to the Admins , Insight writers, Translators and others. Not the least of all , the committed readers. All of them together have made it a dynamic, self-sustaining unique programme .

All because it is a God-inspired one.

So, let us continue our exciting journey together, for the next 90 days. Take care. May God bless us.