I just used to read some chapters of the Bible sometimes

I just used to read some chapters of the Bible sometimes.

But will regularly read and pray novena from prayer groups but couldn’t ever just sit and read the Bible.

I was always looking for someone to start teaching me online, then I was invited to this 270 Days Bible group.

This has improved on my bible reading, I still want to do more but I am taking baby steps.

I want to thank the initiator of this program for making a difference in my spiritual life. God bless you all๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Rosa da Silva From Blessed Sacrament Church
South Africa

I would like to thank the Jacob’s family in South Africa.. Tzaneen..who introduced me to the Bible study group.

I always used to read the daily liturgy readings. I was not used to reading the old Testament as l do now.. I only read the verse which will be for that day.

Sometimes l did not understand the meaning of it.. But now l have find the family that explains and share the gospel.

I have invited my family and friends and now there are in the group.

Thanks a lot. May everyone in the group be blessed

South Africa