God is Good! Yes, all the time!

🙏 God is Good!
Yes, all the time! 👏

I am M.Jebasingh Simeon from Bangalore, Karnataka. This is my testimony.

What a blessedness, O God, to have the Bible as our companion!

What a joy and privilege to serve our Lord Jesus Christ together as One Big Family of believers in this Bible reading programme.

I thank my LORD and SAVIOUR for enabling us to help people to draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith (Hebrews 10:22) and Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (II Peter 3:18) through this programme. We realise that the Bible is God’s voice to us for each day. It plays the role of a beacon in this world of darkness, showing us The Way, The Truth and The Life (John 14:6).

I thank the gracious Lord for the dedicated works of the Chief Coordinator, Fellow Admins, Mega Coordinators, Coordinators, Content Writers, Translators and all beloved Partners and for their disciplined study of the Word of God. Pray the Lord to help them to be faithful to their calling and diligent in the ministry, serving in His vineyard winning more precious souls for Christ.

Personally speaking, I found myself included in this reading program from 180 days phase. God has enabled me to serve as a fellow admin and I am highly benefited by traveling through the inspiring and encouraging Scriptures.

As we are nearing the end of 270 days reading, I could say that by the grace of God many thousands of readers are highly benefited and immensely blessed everyday and their meditation and insights of the Scriptures have reached greater heights this time. God willing we will continue the good work with the 300- day reading programme which will give more deeper insights of what we learnt earlier. Praise God, we are going to reach more people as much as possible to become Bible Christians and Bible Churches by keeping firm on the rocky foundation of the WORD, for God’s solid foundation stands firm…(II Timothy 2:19).

The Bible is the God’s written Living Document to the human beings, “The Lord is well pleased for His righteousness’ sake. He will magnify the Law and make it honourable.”(Isaiah 42:21)

“But I will look to the one who has no pride and is broken in spirit, and who shakes with fear at My Word.”(Isa.66:2)

I am looking forward to receiving higher blessings in the days ahead serve Him Who died for me with greater zeal and enthusiasm.

🙏Hope, you will uphold us in your prayers.

Blessed be His Holy Name🙌

Although my posts come with the California tag, I do not belong here …I divide my time with my two daughters – in Ottawa and California . And. our home in Tivandrum.
It was in the second half of 2019, that I was introduced to this Bible Study programme by my cousin Dr Annamma Kurien
It was a time when I was wrestling with my grief, pain and loss ! The timing could not have been more perfect … A part of me , my mind and my heart were lifted out of my state of misery!
Now in 2021, I’m still with the programme. It has become a vital part of my daily existence! I value the time I spend reading, understanding and meditating the Word Of God …This is quality time. I am in His presence when I do this..and I somehow feel that He appreciates this! I’m amazed and overwhelmed by the manner in which this has brought a NEW MEANING to my life! I guess you need to EXPERIENCE this to understand what I’m trying to put across!!
Thank you Achen for being the Chief Co-ordinator of the programme. . .And thank you *Lalu, my new- found friend and sister in Christ, for posting my Insights …
Mary Mathew
Group – 1461
15th Feb. 2021


I’m a Roman Catholic and 60 years of age. I have attended mass regularly.

The scripture reading at mass is very well structured and the entire Bible gets covered in approximately 3 years. Up until now, I’ve read the Bible in bits and pieces but never in its entirety. This may be my 4th attempt in these reading programs. In all honesty, I haven’t done much justice to the schedule of the current program as well. But what encourages me to continue joining these programs is that I’m not accountable to anyone. The plan is laid out for me. This gives me an opportunity to build a personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour at my pace. No one judges me, least of all my God. Each time I fall or fail, like the prodigal son, I can confidently rise up literally from the ashes like a Phoenix and run into His arms.

In these modern times, the internet is almost like an university. There are various commentaries available where one can dig deeper into and get insights on the scripture verses. I mostly refer to www.enduringword.com. Each time I refer to these commentaries, I get newer insights on the passages. It really feels like a never ending love story.

The benefits of reading the Scriptures are limitless. No amount of penning down would do justice to having a personal relationship with our creator. Mind you life hasn’t been a bed of Roses for me even when my spiritual life may have been going well – in fact sometimes it’s the reverse.

Someone rightly told me a long time ago that we go through the most trying times when we are trying to get closer to the Lord. I couldn’t agree more. At these times I remember our Lord too was tempted but because of His total trust in his heavenly Father, he didn’t succumb to temptations. Hasn’t our Lord also told us to choose the narrow path?

I urge each of you to join the upcoming 300 days Bible reading plan. Whether you faithfully followed the 270 days plan, whether you skipped many chapters, whether you didn’t even open the Bible once or whatever may be your case, don’t stop re-joining. In fact let’s follow the ‘Times of India’s successful strategy ‘Each one, teach one.’ Here I would recommend the strategy of ‘Each one, add another one’ Sounds cool?

I’m almost at the sunset years of my life and I’m ever so grateful that my good Lord, my potter continues to melt and mould me into the shape he desires. I pray I don’t let his creativity down.

Viola Saldanha
Admin – 270 days Bible reading plan #10012