Lord is enabling me to study the Bible very orderly way

I Thank and praise God for this God given opportunity to pray, study meditate and share the insights from the Bible, in this 270 days Bible reading programme. Lord is enabling me to study the Bible very orderly way. Before this programme, I tried many times to read in order but couldn’t, I used to get distracted. But by God’s grace now I am able to read and share insights regularly which is a great help for my Bible studies. There is a great change in my heart and soul I am going closer to God like never before. Many areas of my life is changing I thank God. I feel I am getting cleaned daily by this Bible reading.

I am in peace with myself and my family. I thank God for this. After joining this programme, the way I see the situations when it is overwhelming I am able to overcome very calmly and wisely. This is a great grace which God gave me after I started reading Bible everyday. My heart is steadfast and confident in God’s word, I am grateful to Lord for this programme. I feel we are getting prepared for Lord’s coming. I feel God is leading me towards prudence and to be discreet person. I thank God.

God bless, In Christ jesus,

Mercy joy, Bangalore,