1 Corinthians 5

Separation (1-7). The background of the chapter is the Passover Feast (Exodus 12). The presence of the immoral man should have turned the feast into a funeral (Vs. 2), but the church was boasting about the sinner instead of weeping over him. Tolerating known sin in the church is like putting leaven into the Passover Feast: it does not belong.

Celebration (8). Paul saw the Christian life as “keeping the feast” (Vs. 8), that is, feeding on Christ, being ready to move, and being sure we are not defiled by sin (leaven, yeast). The Lamb has set us free, and we are on our way to our promised inheritance!

Isolation (9-13). Sin in the life of the believer is far worse than sin in the life of an unbeliever. We cannot isolate ourselves from the world, but we can separate ourselves from disobedient believers so that God can discipline them.

1 Corinthians 6
Not only were the Corinthian believers compromising with the world, but they were also losing their testimony before the world by taking each other to court before pagan judges. Paul repeatedly asked, “Do you not know?” (Vs.2, 3, 15, 16, 19). They were ignorant of some basic truths of the Christian life.

We will judge angels (1-8). If God entrusts that great a responsibility to His people, can’t He help us with our petty decisions today?

We have been changed (9-12). We are not what we once were, so why should we live as we once lived? It is a matter not of “What is lawful?” but of “What is helpful?”

We belong to the Lord (13-20). He made the human body, He dwells in believers by His Spirit, and He purchased us at the Cross.The believer’s body belongs to God and must be used to glorify Him.

Posted by brother Narayan