Our Lord Jesus Christ perfectly accomplished the task of Saving the Man kind

Our Lord Jesus Christ perfectly accomplished the task of Saving the Man kind from inheritance Sin from our forefathers Adam and EVE. But still the world is ruled by God”s. enemy. The destroyer ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. We have read 228 days in the DBR 270. Now, honestly touch your heart and say how many dying souls you can retrieve from enemies camp. Little contribution of your sincere effort of prayer, out reach, and dedicated time will bring wonders to our Lord. If we do that it is meaningful for God”s Saving Grace upon you. If you neglect means you are are ignoring God”s Saving Grace and wish to go to eternity without your kith and kin and dear ones. That is Selfish desire that you alone enter his kingdom and make our Redeemer feel very sad when you stand with empty โœ‹. what a great privilege ๐Ÿคฃ we have now God has given the key to open His gates for our friends and neighbours. Do we sincerely try your Best to expand His Kingdom. or wish to be a silent spectator. Cry, Pray, share, bring new souls to our Lord. By flesh and Blood you can”t win the soul. If you invite Holy Spirit to help you definetly God will pour out Holy Sprit upon you and guide you to be victor for Christ.
J.Sekar, group #551 group admin, Chennai.

My testimony

First of all I thank my lord “I am” to be with me throughout my walk (Emmaus).I am susan John retired from army after completing 38 yrs including training .irrespective of getting getting appointments in two hospitals, my inner voice asked me to ho home and pray for all.2018 I received a watsup forward from my neeice 150 daysBRP.since then I am a student ,this is the 5th time my lord is leading me, I m enjoying each moment I m with my lord.I am grateful to Rev CVA and all teachers who are teaching us all insights.

I m admin of 6 groups (3 eng and 3mal).During these 4yrs lord miraculously done my spinal surgery and last yr my son’s wedding and all my ups and downs I tasted lord Jesus ๐Ÿ™

I request all my friends in Jesus to add your friends for the upcoming 300 days BRP.let us prepare ourselves and others for his kingdom. All praises and Glory to you ๐Ÿ™ Amen.