My Testimony during this 270 Days Bible reading session

My Testimony during this 270 Days Bible reading session, is that of acquiring the capacity to read and understand more than one long chapter at a time, to glory of God.

Previously I find it difficult to read the Bible in the afternoon and understand. But now because of the persistence and concentration because of the 270 Days Bible reading session, I have developed the attitude of wanting to read the word of God any time of the day.

I think because of my age, I find it hard to recall some of the chapters and verses, but I know with time, I will catch up.
Praise the name of the Lord, glory be to his name forever. To you who are behind the introduction of this enviable idea, may the Almighty God continue to bless you. Amen.

Joshua Musa, Nigeria.

Praise the Lord

This Bible Reading Group is great platform of our all members or readers.We are getting always widest thoughts from this groups of God wisdom.We all are knows some verses gives us daily widely knowledge from the Bible or the words of true God.So we are getting always knowing un knowing words of wisdom!!! How great achievement of us!

Thank you CV ABRAHAM Sir, U prepared this program by the Holy spirit 🙏. U r prepare us a true disciple of God or one one preacher, thank you sir for this programme and further forever…God bless you more and more sir …

Sailabala Nanda Barik

Praise the Lord. I red the day to-day bible class, it is very nice and exciting. Earlier also I red the bible i.e old testament and new, but still I am very confused to remember the names, may be because of my hindu background. God brought His people from Egypt to canan, in my life God escaped me & my children in the same way and still he is showing the path. I left all hindu God and Godess several years back and I realise there is only one God, HE is kind, caring and loving, and can approach him through (son,) Jesus. I believe in Trinity, the father, the son and the Holy spirit. Amen, halleluyya.

This is the witness of one of my Hindu friend Mrs. Lathika Nair who is a member of the Bible reading group.

Hi everyone…😊
This Bible reading program has been an amazing blessing to me and I cant thank enough all the people involved and especially Achen for making this program a great oppotunity for having a personal relationship with our Jesus and learning the Books of the Bible in detail. How well and beautifully all are writing insights. Thankyou so much. So much dedication to the word of God.

This is my second time I am doing this Bible reading programme and the second one has made me know so many new aspects from the Holy Bible.
My relationship with my Jesus is growing strong each day as I read His word.
God bless everyone in this programme. Amen

May all our efforts be for the Glory of Jesus alone because He is on the throne. 🙏🙏🙏

Jyothi Mathew, UAE
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