1 Chronicles:10 – 14 Questions and Answers

The 📖 of 1 Chronicles, 1 Chronicles: 10 – 14 Questions and Answers

Q. Where did the name ‘Jerusalem’ originate from?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:4 = Jebus. The Jebusites were Jerusalem’s original inhabitants.

Q. Who conquered Jebus?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:5 = David.

Q. What was Zion?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:5 = Zion is a fortress in Jerusalem.

Q. Was Zion renamed?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:5 = Yes. Zion was also called the City of David.

Q. How did Joab become the commander of David’s armies in Israel?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:6 = David put out a challenge. Whoever would beat the Jebusites would get the title of Army Commander. Joab won that title.

Q. Was Joab related to David?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:6 = Yes. Joab was David’s nephew and David’s sister, Zeruiah’s, son.

Q. Why was Zion named the City of David?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:7 = Because David made this fortress his home.

Q. Who rebuilt Jerusalem after David conquered it with Joab?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:8 = Joab rebuilt Jerusalem.

Q. How did David get so powerful?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:9 = God was with him.

Q. Were there outstanding warriors in David’s time?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:11 = Yes. Jashobeam was the commander of The Three (which includes him).

Q. How did Jashobeam distinguish himself?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:11 = Jashobeam once used a spear to kill 300 enemy warriors in a single battle.

Q. Who else was in The Three?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:12 = Eleazar. He and David held their ground in a field and beat the Philistines back.

Q. How?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:14 = God saved them by giving them great victory.

Q. Do we know who the 3rd member of The Three was? A. No.

Q. Did The Three do daring antics like familiar “Three” fiction heroes of today?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:17 = Yes. The Three once risked everything to get David fresh water from enemy territory.

Q. Was there another group of famous warriors?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:20 = Yes. They were known as “The Thirty.”

Q. Who led The Thirty?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:20 = Abishai, Joab’s brother, who was also David’s nephew.

Q. How did Abishai distinguish himself?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:20 = The same way that Jashobeam did. 300 men went down in a single battle by his spear.

Q. Who else was an Israeli warrior hero?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:22 = Benaiah. He was known for:
1) killing 2 of Moab’s mightiest warriors
2) chasing a lion down into a pit and killing it there
3) killing a 7 and a half foot Egyptian warrior.

Q. What was Benaiah to David?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:25 = Commander of David’s bodyguard.

Q. Are any more of David’s relatives in the list of mighty men?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:26 = Yes. Asahel, Joab’s other brother, another nephew of David’s.

Q. When David hid from Saul, who were the men who joined him?
A. 1 Chronicles 12:2 = All were relatives of Saul.

Q. Were any of the famed Thirty with David before he was king?
A. 1 Chronicles 12:4 = Yes. Ishmaiah from Gibeon and Jashobeam, who was a Korahite, were with him in hiding.

Q. Who else joined David in the wilderness?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:8 = Some from Gad who were very fierce.

Q. How fierce?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:14 = The weakest could take on 100 enemies; the strongest 1,000.

Q. Who else besides Saul’s relatives (from the tribe of Benjamin) and Gad joined David in the wilderness?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:16 = Others from the tribes of Benjamin and Judah joined David at his wilderness stronghold.
👉 Interesting: Judah (David) and Benjamin (Saul) united on David’s side.

Q. Why did they join David? A. 1 Chronicles 11:18 = They saw that God always helped David.

Q. Was there clearly a time when Saul and David ruled Israel simultaneously?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:19 = Yes. Manasseh defected from Israel’s army to join David in fighting Saul with the Philistines.(Saul in the north and David in the south).

Q. The plan was for David to be allied with the Philistines against Saul?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:19 = Yes. But it didn’t happen. This alliance was the Philistine’s idea. David lived in Philistine land, hiding from Saul, when the king ordered David to fight with his army. The Philistines’ allied pagan armies refused to let David fight with them — they didn’t trust David and his might — they were right about David. The Philistine king believed David when he said he was busy slaughtering Israelites in Ziklag, his home on Philistine land. He was actually killing off Israel’s enemies.

Q. Why would the Philistine king trust David to kill his own people?
A. Because Saul was trying to kill David and this king thought that David had surely turned bitter.

Q. David was sent home. What happened on the way?
A. 1 Chronicles 11:20 = 7,000 Manasseh defectors from Saul’s army joined David.

Q. And when David got back home to Ziklag, he needed these 7,000. For what?
A. 1 Chronicles 12:21 = To get their families back from the bands of raiders that took them and everything else they owned in their absence.
👉 God knew! What preparations God makes for you and I in order to make all things possible!

Q. Did David amass the entire Israeli clan to himself while still running from Saul?
A. 1 Chronicles 12:24-37 = Yes. Even Reuben joined David’s side. They were all armed warriors ready to make David king.

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