We do not have everything to be successful

1 Kings 3:9 “Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to govern this your great people?

Solomon was Israel’s first king from the lineage of David and would be the last king to rule over the unified Israelite people.
During the reign of his son Rehoboam, internal conflict would tear the nation apart.

In verse 5, the dream recorded, occurred early in Solomon’s reign.

In this story, Solomon chose a different style of kingship.
He rejected the pursuit of power and chose instead to govern with the spirit of a servant; “your servant” occurs three times in these verses.

Solomon knew that he is not enough to do anything without God’s help.
He was willing to admit his inability.

We live in a world where we are constantly told that we are enough.
We see it all over social media. We hear we have within us everything we need to succeed in life.

However, the Christian mindset should be the complete opposite.
We do not have within us everything we need to be successful at life.

We never will be and we weren’t created to be.
God created us to depend on Him for everything.
Alone, we are sinful, wretched people, capable of nothing good.

If we were enough, then Jesus died for nothing, and the cross is pointless.

If we look for the motivation and encouragement from anyone else, we will never be filled.
If we look for recognition from anyone else, we will never be complete.
Jesus is the only one who is enough, and is the only one who could ever live up to what a successful life should look like.

Rather than looking inward, like society wants us to, let us look upward…………..
Because without Jesus we will never be enough.

Praise the Lord that I am not enough, for if I was, Jesus died for nothing.

We will always fall short. But thanks be to God that Jesus is enough.

Through Him, and Him alone, we can do what God has called us to.

Through Him, we can find true peace and meaning in our lives.

Jooley Mathew Z

🌹 Love for God 🌹

Have you ever wondered what it means to love? Solomon the wisest, wealthiest and most renowned king loved the Lord. And he expressed his love.

📖 Solomon showed his love for the Lord by walking according to the statues of his father David (1 Kings 2:3).

The Biblical saints showed their love for God in their actions. Abraham loved the Lord, so he ventured into the unknown when God told him to go. Daniel loved the Lord. Hence he determined not to get defiled in any way be it either food or drink. Moreover he showed his love for the Lord by kneeling and praying three times a day.

Joseph loved the Lord and was diligent wherever he was. He showed his love by refusing to sin. David loved the Lord and expressed it in his psalms. Moreover he instructed his son Solomon to walk in His statutes.

Love for God has to be revealed in actions. We cannot just say with our words that we love the Lord. Love has to be expressed and shown or else it is vain. Jesus Christ said:

📖 If you love me, show it by doing what I ‘ve told you (Jn 14:15; MSG).

Dear ones in Christ, do you love the Lord? Then show it by being a doer of His Word. Do you love your family? Then show your love in deeds. Love not expressed in any way is useless.

📖 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth (1Jn 3:18).

God bless us to be channels of His love.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
September 26, 2020