Failure to obey-End of Judah 2 Chronicle 36

Judah had forsaken God their Saviour following their pagan neighbours in a mad pursuit of pleasure and riches. They became slaves to various passions Titus 3;3. Coveteousness led them to disobey God’s command to leave the land fallow every seven years. This was the specific reason for exile, it was until the land enjoyed her sabbaths.2 chron 36:21

The deportation to Babylon was to fulfil the word of the lord thro’ Jermiah.God had already withdrawn from the temple, so it was an empty shell, ready for destruction.Jer 7:14.Nebuchednezzar conquers Jerusalem.

God gives the Israelites one oppurtunity after another to change 2 chron 35;15.They refused His mercy, going so far as to ridicule His messengers. Finally there is no remedy except punishment. A holy God cannot be put off forever. Finally judgement must be meted out to a people who refuse to repent and insist on going their own way.

Cynthia Sathiaraj

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