Is it right to help the wicked and be an ally of those who oppose the LORD?

Is it right to help the wicked and be an ally of those who oppose the LORD? Because you have done this the LORD is angry with you, 2 Chronicles 19:2! This rebuke from the prophet Jehu to king Jehoshaphat was received well by him and definitely, (for the time being) he had learnt his lesson and realised his mistake!

He went on to encourage the people of Judah to follow the Lord wholeheartedly, as well as appointed judges throughout the land, vs 4,5. *He exhorted these judges to judge in all fairness, for their God disapproved of injustice, partiality, and bribery, vs 6,7. Later on, when the Moabites and Ammonites, along with some of the Meunites, attacked king Jehoshaphat, although he was afraid at first, he decided to seek the Lord’s advice and decreed that all Judah should observe a fast, 2 Chronicles 20:1-3.

In his prayer, He extolled the Lord for His greatness and sovereignty over all the earth, vs 6, and remembered God’s past deliverances and goodness towards His people, vs 7, in line with God’s promises and faithfulness, vs 8,9. He reminded God about the treacherous ways of their enemies and expressed faith in God’s power to save and deliver them, even as they looked to Him in faith, vs 10-12. This prayer brought immediate results and through His prophet the Lord assured him that the battle was no longer theirs but the Lord’s, vs 14,15. They also received a battle plan from the Lord, vs 16,17, and as they went forth in praise and faith, vs 18-22, God fought for them and a great victory was won, vs 23-40! However, once again Jehoshaphat allied with king Ahab’s son, and suffered negatively for the same, vs 35-37!

His son Jehoram who became the next king of Judah was a murderer who murdered his own brothers, 2 Chronicles 21: 2-4, and he was married to the daughter of Jezebel, vs6! As he continued to follow the evils ways of Ahab’s dynasty, God disciplined him severely through wars and even rebuked him strongly through the prophet Elijah, yet, he never humbled himself or showed any signs of repentance, vs 8-17, and so eventually died of an intestinal disease, vs 18-20! The similar evil pattern was followed by his son Ahaziah, who was the son of Jezebel’s daughter, Athaliah! He succeeded the throne after his father Jehoram, and was eventually killed by Jehu when he went to visit King Ahab’s son, Joram, who was recovering from the wounds he received from the Syrians in the battle they both fought together, 2 Chronicles 22: 1-9!

After Ahaziah’s death, his mother Athaliah killed all his brothers, except Joash, whom his sister hid, and she ascended the throne herself, vs 10-12! In the seventh year of her reign, she was eventually killed by a bold plan made by the priest Jehoiada, at the cost of risking his very own life! He was assisted by the officials and the Levites and priests, 2 Chronicles 23:1-16, and thus Joash, Ahaziah’s son, who was seven years old, was placed on the throne, vs 11. Although king Jehoshaphat was such a good king, yet his big mistake in maintaining cordial relations with a wicked king like Ahab, by entering into marriage, trade and war alliances with him, marred his otherwise good reign, and especially in the subsequent years after his death, particularly because he gave his son in marriage to king Ahab’s daughter!

What could have made him make such a foolish decision? Perhaps, it was due to the witchcraft influences of Queen Jezebel which king Jehoshaphat was not discerning enough to recognise and break! This alerts us to the need to recognise that bad company, indeed does corrupt good morals! Let us, therefore, steer clear from all evil influences, and especially when they have no desire, whatsoever, to turn from their wicked ways! For if we don’t, we will end up putting, not only ourselves, but our future generations as well, on the roadway to destruction, unless they realise the trap and decide to repent for themselves.

Let him who has an ear to hear, hear! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.