The Lord trieth the righteous 2 Chronicle 32:24-31

Hezekiah had come thro many a test. He first overcame the disadvantage of having a wicked father. Then when he invited his Israelite brethren to join in the passover feast, some mocked at him. but scorn didnot affect him. later when he was threatened by the boastful army of Assyria,the world power,he encouraged his troops with us is the Lord our God to help us Then he and Isaiah prayed and cried to heaven and God gave a marvellous deliverance. Then Hezekiah was magnified in the sight of all nations. vs23

Then God tested him again. In those days of triumph, Hezekiah had a fatal illness but he turned his face to the wall seeking God’s mercy and God caused the shadow on the sun dial to go back as a sign that he would recover. 2 kings 20:1_11. God healed him

Then came the Babylonian ambassador with a present asking about the miraculous sign. vs 31. Hezekiah felt very proud of himself and showed off all his treasures . He forgot that the resources came with the help of God and earned Isaiah’s rebuke for showing his treasures His heart was lifted up like Uzziah heart for pride is common to every human heart.

God tested him to see whether he would be humble and give all the glory to God for healing him or whether he would be proud and take the glory to himself. He failed the test.

Many a times after God has done something for us He will test us to see whether we take glory for ourselves or whether we will be humble and give the glory to God. Dont fail the test. Give glory to God.

We should pray as in Ps 119:117 Hold thou me up and I will be safe and then say as in Job 23:10 when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold

Cynthia Sathiaraj

2 Chr. 32:31: “…God withdrew from him, in order to test him, that He might know all that was in his heart.”

King Hezekiah truly loved the Lord and served faithfully in the temple.
He was a godly king who sought God with all his heart.
We learned that Hezekiah had to face many trials in his life.

There came a time when he became ill and God told him that he would certainly die.
Yet when he prayed God added fifteen years to his life.

But in the verse above, we read that God is withdrawing from Hezekiah.
The reason was to test him – to see what was in his heart.

There is a reason for everything that happens.

We may not know how events are inter-connected one to another because God may not reveal that to us.

God allows us to go through hard times so that God might bring us to the end of ourselves.

We might pray. Yet it would seem that all these prayers are gone unheard.
We are left on our own to take decisions.

*God is checking us whether we will make godly choices in accordance to God’s will even when His guidance and presence are absent.

The humbler we are, the better the testing process goes.
Pride makes the testing process miserable.

Here we see that, Hezekiah failed this test though he repented later.
God through such testing is examining the real motives of our heart.
Blessed is the man who passes this test.

Therefore, let us cry to God to never leave us.

“Take not Your Holy Spirit from me! Do not withdraw from us Your indwelling grace!”

Jooley Mathew