Gifts of God are not for sale

Daniel 4

In this chapter king Nebuchadnezzer gives his personal testimony to all peoples, nations, and language groups that lived in all the land, vs 1.

In conclusion he says that he is delighted to tell of all the great signs and mighty wonders that the Most High God, did for him, even the God whose kingdom is eternal and authority unending, vs 2,3!

While living in his home and relaxing in his luxurious palace, God spoke to him through night visions of what was going to happen to him in the future days, vs 4, and these revelations terrified him, although he was unable to interpret those visions, vs 5. However, on calling for all the wise men of Babylon to give him an interpretation, and on finding no one who could do so, Daniel came in and the king narrated to Daniel the visions that he saw, vs 6-18.

On hearing the visions and understanding their interpretations, Daniel was upset for a brief time; and his thoughts alarmed him! He told the king that he wished that the dream and it’s interpretation applied to the king’s enemies, vs 19. For in accordance with the interpretation that Daniel gave, the king was going to be removed from his position and palace for a period of seven long years and was going to be made to live with the wild animals on account of his pride, until he understood that the Most High is ruler over human kingdoms and gives them to whomever He wishes, vs 20-26.

Daniel, therefore, adviced the king to break away from his sins by doing what is right, and from his iniquities by showing mercy to the poor, for that was the only way in which the king could avoid the coming judgment that God had already planned to bring upon him, vs 27.

Nevertheless, even after twelve months of being given this prophetic warning, the king never chose to humble himself, and one fine day, on exalting himself by vocalising his proud thoughts while walking around on the battlements of the royal palace of Babylon, the judgment of God, as prophesied earlier, struck him down, and his kingdom was removed from him for seven long years, until he extolled the Most High, and praised and glorified the One who lives forever, on recognising that all the inhabitants of the earth are regarded as nothing and God can do as He pleases without Him having to give an account to anyone, vs 28-35!

It was then that his sanity returned to him and he was reinstated to his original position, and became even greater than before, vs 36! It was now that he clearly understood that God is able to bring down all who live in pride, vs 37, no matter how high and mighty they may have been previously exalted!

Just like God warned king Nebuchadnezzar in advance and was patient with him for one whole year hoping that he would repent, similarly God warns us too in different ways so that we realise and repent of every proud thought that makes us feel that we are more superior than others, thus causing us to oppress the poor and use our position to exalt ourselves and promote unrighteousness! On failing to realise our true position before God, we relegate ourselves to the level of animals and lose our sanity too.

If we continue to rebel and refuse to honestly repent of such high thoughts and words, it will be only be a matter of time in which God will bring us down just like He did king Nebuchadnezzar! Inspite of being warned sufficiently, Nebuchadnezzar chose not to repent, and so give the glory to God! Let such a thing not be said about any one of us! It must also be noted that the foretold judgment came upon king Nebuchadnezzar only after he opened his mouth and took upon himself the glory and honour for building Babylon, which he built for himself, in his own strength and for his glory and honour too!

Even as God did then, God is surely going to bring down even today all those who operate in this Babylonian spirit! Let us seek to steer clear from such a spirit by honest repentance, whenever we see the same in ourselves. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.

Gifts of God are not for sale

Daniel 5
❇️ Daniel answered the king, “You may keep your gifts for yourself and give your rewards to someone else. Nevertheless, I will read the writing for the king and tell him what it means.” (v17)

❇️ Daniel, by rejecting the king’s gifts and rewards proved himself a genuine servant of God who was not ready to sell his God given gifts for his personal glory and benefit. No wonder such faith and morality gave him the courage to face the Lions in their own den.

❇️ God’s gifts are given to us for the common good of people(1 Cor.12:7) not for flaunting to make us popular. Gifts are given to serve people and to bless them and not to make a living out of them.

❇️ Despite Daniel’s refusal King honoured him by proclaiming him as the third highest ruler in the kingdom (v29). Servants of God should not go after gifts and rewards for blessing others with God given gifts rather reject the rewards from men and they will be more than adequately rewarded by God which is far better.

❇️ Gifts of God are manifestation of the Holy Spirit annointing us (1Cor.12.8-12). Lord Jesus Christ exalted to the right hand of God received the Holy Spirit from the Father and annoints us with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:33) to help us continue his works.Thus all the three persons of the Trinity are involved in annointing us with gifts to bless others.

❇️ Misuse or disuse of gifts of God will deprive people of their blessing.Thus gifts of God are both a privilege and a responsibility to serve people. We are encouraged to desire spiritual gifts to glorify God, edify and bless people with love (1Cor.14:1)

Insights learnt:
▪️Gifts of God are meant to serve people with love
▪️Gifts of God are not for the benefit of servants of God
▪️Misuse or disuse of our gifts deprive others of their blessing
▪️Eagerly desire the gifts of God to serve others with love

Dr. E. Christadoss
Vellore 🙏🏽