The Book of Ezekiel: 36-39 ❇️

🍂 Chapter 36 🍂
Prophecy to Mountains of Israel – The enemy had ravaged and hounded the house of Israel on every side and were slandered by all nations. The Lord said that all these nations also will suffer scorn. God was concerned about Israel and would look on them with favour. They had defiled their land by their conduct and actions. So God’s wrath was poured on them.

But for the sake of His holy name which Israel had profaned among the nations God will show the holiness of His great name. God said that he would give His people a new heart and a new Spirit and they would follow His laws and decrees. God would cleanse them from all sins and resettle their towns and rebuild their ruins. The Lord would prosper His people.

🍂 Chapter 37 🍂
The Valley of Dry Bones – The Lord took Ezekiel in the spirit and set him in the middle of the valley which was full of very dry bones. God asked him to prophesy to the dry bones that God was going to attach flesh and tendons to the bones and cover them with skin. God would put put breath into them and they would come to life.

It took place exactly, they came to life and stood upon their feet, a vast army. God said that the house of Israel had lost all hope and feel they were cut off. But God would give them new life and bring them back to their land. Then they would know that the Lord had done great things in their lives.

One Nation under One King – God would gather all the scattered Israelites out of all the nations and bring them back to their own land. He will make them one nation with one king over them. They would never again be two kingdoms or two nations. They will not defile themselves with idols. They will be His people and the Lord would be their God. God would make an everlasting covenant and David would be their king.

🍂 Chapters 38, 39 🍂
Prophecy against Gog – The prophecy was about the divine judgement on the nations arrayed against God and his people. Many nations which were enemies of Israel will join Gog. They will advance like a storm, like a cloud covering the land. Walls were no longer needed for the towns of Israel because the Lord Himself was their sufficient protection.

God’s anger would be against the enemies. There would be a great earth quake. All would tremble at God’s presence. The enemies wod attack each other, and God would pour rain, hailstones and burning sulphur on the enemies and destroy them. God would bless Israel and pour our His Spirit on them.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝