Where are the Ezra’s today?

(Ezra Chapter 7-8)

Ezra Chapter Seven begins with the arrival of Ezra in Jerusalem. The phrase “After these things “bridge the 57 years gap between the Dedication of the temple and the Coming of Ezra to Jerusalem.

🔖 Ezra belonged to the priestly family of Aaron (7:1-5)
One wonders why Ezra’s genealogy/introduction begins with a long list. This genealogy links him with Aaron the Chief Priest (v 5) .
✅ It was appropriate at that time when Identity was a critical issue (2:62-63)
✅ His exalted bloodline established his authority.
✅ His name means, “Yahweh is my helper”.

📝 Bible declares that, “We are a chosen people, a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD.. ” (1Pet 2:9). We no longer live in the darkness of ignorance / sinfulness but enjoy God’s wonderful light and we ought to declare His praises. This is our IDENTITY.

🔖 Ezra came up from Babylon (7:6-7)
He was a teacher well versed in the Law of Moses. It seems to me that Ezra had represented the Jewish people at the King’s Court .
✅ Ezra was a man of influential for “the king had granted him everything he asked ” (v 6b).
✅ The King knew that Ezra could be trusted.
✅ Ezra was a good motivator for he gathered some (priests, levites, singers, gatekeepers and temple servants) who were keen to return to Jerusalem with him (7:7, 28)


To study the Law of the Lord.
To observe God’s Law .
To teach God’s decrees and laws to the Israelites .

📌 A man in the exile, under the strict observation of a pagan king and his officials, who devoted himself to study God’s law and to teach the fellow brethrens is praiseworthy.
📌 Most of us are in the comfort zone yet we do not have time to study God’s Word. Even we find it difficult to read the insights (readymade spiritual food) with a simple excuse “Its too long ; so many insights ; my phone hangs up ; no time.. so I am leaving the group.. etc “😊

🔖 Ezra was a man of order (8:1-14)
He gathered some of the family heads and their members for the trip to Jerusalem. The list starts with the name of their ancestors, then provides the name of the current head of the family and then indicates the number of men accompany him.

📌 Ezra’s mission was not about a crowd but about individuals. We must be concerned about individuals. Each one of us matters to God.

🔖 Ezra was a man of prayer.
Before leaving for Jerusalem, Ezra assembled 1513 men at the Ahava Canal (8: 1-14,15) along with another 258 men and servants for a fast and plead unto God for safe journey. God answered their prayer (8:21, 23)

🔖 Ezra was God-Centered not Position-Cautious (7: 27-28; 8:22b)
Ezra recognised that behind his task of teaching and administering God’s law lay a greater mission of bringing HONOUR TO GOD .
📌 Ezra knew that the king’s favour rested on him because he had been loyal to God’s covenant with his ancestors. And the king trusted Ezra. Sadly this is not TRUE with some christians workers. Western donors often complain about the lack of accountability in our regions.

📌 Ezra had remarkable skills, a deep commitment to God’s Word and the discipline to practice what he taught.

💞 Beloved Church, we need EZRAs today to stand, to reform and to transform our church and the society.

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳