God is looking for the Josephs of this World

God is looking for the Josephs of this World to Arise and Steer their Nations out of the Economic STARVATION USING GODLY STRATEGIES TO SUSTAIN LIFE, in this Global Pandemic Lockdown

🌾Many experts are predicting doom and gloom in the coming months and years because of the economic slow down which could lead to starvation in poorer countries, due to the effects of the global shut down in this unprecedented Corona Pandemic. But, God can raise up the Josephs of this world, who have access to God’s Throne Room to receive Wisdom for crisis management to turn the World Economy around to prevent a disaster.

🌾Joseph was Positioned for Promotion to become the Provider During the Global Famine through his gift of interpreting dreams during his personal lockdown. Our gifts and talents can make way to the presence of the king, Proverbs 18:16.God has put a gift or talent in every person that the world will make room for.

🌾Even in his lockdown situation in the Prison, Joseph used his giftings to interpret the dreams of a Baker and a cupbearer which turned out to be true. Joseph requested the Cupbearer to remember him and to mention his innocence to Pharaoh when the Cupbearer gets Restored to his Position, Genesis 40:14-15. However, the Cupbearer forgot Joseph, Genesis 40:23.

🌾The Cupbearer remembered Joseph after two years..Genesis 41:9-13. All that time Joseph went about doing his task with excellent spirit and the Farvour of God was with him and he got Promoted to be the Prime Minister of Eygpt, Genesis 41:39-40.

🌾After interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams which God revealed to Joseph, Genesis, 41:28-39, PHARAOH named Joseph ZAPHNATH-PAANEAH, Genesis 41:45..meaning.. “one who discovers hidden things”or “a reveler of secrets” or “man to whom secrets are revealed”

With a name like that, Egypt was acknowledging that Pharaoh’s Throne CANNOT ACCESS the THRONE of GOD. Only Joseph who knew the Secret Affairs of God can be put at the Helm of their Country’s Affairs. Joseph’s Gifting opened the door to his Promotion after he interpreted the Pharoah’s Dreams, he became Pharoah’s Economic Advisor, Genesis 41:33-36.

🌾Child of God, Remember this, If God has given you a Dream, Vision, or a Promise, and you are in a Situation where it looks the opposite of everything God has shown you, never give up. It doesn’t matter if you are lockdown in a place of impossibility. Surrender your dreams and visions to God who able to fulfill all His Promises. He will Resurrect them by sending us our Cupbearers, even if they forget us for two whole years, especially in this lockdown when everything looks uncertain, God will not forget us, Genesis 40:23, 41:1, 41:9.

🌾Don’t be Disheartened when Your God Given Talents, Giftings and Dreams Don’t Materialize or Manifest within the expected Time Span. God is setting you up for something bigger, greater and higher in this pandemic lockdown, so that, you can be strategically placed to provide for the world with your giftings. When the World is in Trouble the Church, that is, Us, Should Arise as the Solution….Amen🙏.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️