God looks who would seek him wholeheartedly

Genesis 5
God looks for a man/woman who would seek him wholeheartedly in each generation so that through him/her God’s purposes can be fulfilled here on earth. However, in the entire record of Adam’s family line, we see just one person, besides Noah, about whom it is written that he walked with God and that was Enoch, vs 22. The others were mainly involved in just having sons and daughters in the normal course of their lives!

What we read about Noah in vs 32 is that after living for 500 years he had 3 sons. Perhaps that caused him to seek God wholeheartedly because he was without children for so many years, very much unlike his ancestors who had children much earlier in their lives. However, God perhaps allowed this to be the case so that his children were only 100 years old and younger when the flood came, and by this time God had already spoken to Noah about building the ark. So these children could be more influenced by their father’s faith in God than the unbelief and sin that the outside world influenced them with! So, what I learn from this chapter is that God desires me to primarily walk with Him before being involved in producing sons and daughters, for as I do so, I can influence my children to follow God wholeheartedly, and thus involve them in building God’s house, and so help them to be kept from being tainted by the world and its passing pleasures!
Do I realise that I have a call of God upon my life which I need to fulfill before I leave this earth? Am I taking steps to know what it is and fulfill it, such that the Lord will say unto me, ‘ Well done, good and faithful servant…’, when I see Him face to face?

Rowena Thomas