Overcoming Temptations

How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God? Genesis. 39:9.

Everyone faces temptations. It could be sex, money, name, fame .. Some come out victoriously whereas many others fail miserably.

The life of Joseph gives us wonderful lessons in overcoming temptations. He was a Jewish young man in Egypt, away from his dear ones but living very close to his God. He was unmarried and nearly 28 years when this incident happened.

..Joseph was well built and handsome, and after a while his master’s wife took notice of Joseph and said , ” Come to bed with me” Gen.39:6,7.

1). Joseph took the responsibility of his action.” How then could I “….. He always lived in the presence of God. He was not willing to put the blame on his circumstances.

2). Joseph recognizes sin. He recognised the desire of Potiphar’s wife as something wicked and terrible.

3). Joseph respond to God Joseph acted in such a way that he didn’t disappoint God.

4). Joseph refused to be near the source of sin.( Gen.39:10) He refused to be with the wife of Potiphar.

We should avoid any and every situation which can lead us to temptation.

5) Joseph ran out. (Gen.39:12). He ran away from the person and place of temptation. He didn’t go back even to take his coat. He was willing to face the wrath of Potiphar’s wife rather than facing the wrath of God.

Lord, help me to overcome all the temptations in my life and never sin against you.