The story of Joseph reveals

The story of Joseph reveals that a time of supernatural revelation, through dreams or otherwise about one’s destiny, is often followed by a rigorous time of testing before that dream becomes a reality!

Before Joseph’s dreams could become a reality, he was tested on the following counts:

  • When his brothers did wrong, would he participate in their evil deeds, Genesis 37:2?
  • Would he conceal his brother’s sin or would he be faithful to convey the same to his father, because of his love for them, vs 2?
  • Would he be affected by the hatred and harsh treatment that his brothers meted out to him, vs 4, 8?
  • Would he obey his father’s instructions to find out about the welfare of his brothers, even though they were rude to him, vs 13,14?
  • Would he, after being sold as a slave, speak negatively about his brothers to those who never really knew them or never knew his background, vs 36, Genesis 40:14,15?
  • Would he maintain his integrity when tested with sexual sin, even when no one was watching, Genesis 39:7-8?
  • Would he continue to walk in the fear of God, even if that meant that it would land him in prison, vs 19,20?

It was because Joseph kept passing these different tests that came to him at the different stages of his life, that God’s grace to overcome sin and God’s favour to excel in the work of his hands was upon him. This made him stand out in a positive way, whether he was in Potiphar’s house or in a prison, Genesis 39:2-4, 20-23!

Joseph also received grace from God to look beyond the injustices that were done to him, for no real fault of his, and minister to those under his care in the prison with compassion and concern instead of giving in to gloom and depression over his own tragic fate! God also made sure, that any effort on Joseph’s part to lean on the arm of flesh, by requesting the chief cup bearer of Pharaoh to mention him to Pharaoh and get him out of prison, would not work for two long years, Genesis 40: 14,15,23!

It was only after Joseph humbled himself under God’s mighty hand and passed all the above tests with flying colours and without bearing grudges against all his persecutors, that a day finally came when God thought him to be ready to take on, not only the highest position in Egypt, under the Pharaoh himself, but to also be a savior of all of Egypt, as well as, all those who would come to Egypt to buy grain during a famine that lasted for 7 long years!

If given a chance, would I desire to find myself in Joseph’s shoes? Authentic spiritual authority is entrusted by God into the hands of those who choose to humble themselves the most, no matter what life throws across their path! For with God there is no partiality!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.